No better way to kick this blog off, than a little play on words. With its robust boost curve, and best in the industry power per psi, the ProCharger i-1 is really blowing peoples minds. (Pun intended) The concept of being able to program your boost curve from the cockpit on the fly has been dreamed of for years by supercharger lovers, and that dream is now reality with the ProCharger i-1.

In this blog we will feature some of the various i-1 installs that we have found floating around the net. Ranging from customer installs, to shop installs, and even the magazines that couldn’t wait to get their hands on these amazing superchargers. No matter who gets behind the wheel of an i-1 equipped vehicle, usually 9 times out of 10 the first word out of their mouth is “WOW.” As they are blown away by the blowers ability to give you the down low rush of nearly instant boost, but still have that amazing top end charge of a centrifugal blower. Enough with the small talk, lets get down to some of these featured installs. 

In no particular Order: 

One of the cars you can’t miss around the internet is that of a 2013 Stang, owned by APR Performance. When APR was looking for a supercharger to motivate their aerodynamic R&D test car, they needed a supercharger that could match their car’s ability both on and off the track. With the i-1’s ability to change boost curves, APR can get the perfect mix between daily driver, and track terror. The HUGE power the i-1 delivers really helps APR put their body kit and those huge brakes to the test on the road course. On the dyno, the ProCharger i-1 spun those big rollers to the song of 568rwhp on just 7.5psi of boost, even on 91 octane Cali grade fuel! Check out more info about this car, on the Mustang 360 write up by clicking HERE

Next up is an ProCharger i-1 supercharger install by Squires performance. We ran across this video via an email sent into us from the customer, raving about how enjoyable his system was. Here are some of the quotes from his email: 

“The car is an animal. From what I’ve experienced it’s a very efficient supercharger. The transmission built into the supercharger makes it pull full boost way earlier than a traditional centrifugal or positive displacement charger. The numbers it’s putting down are better than what the GT500’s are doing and it’s also stones lighter than them. Rick Squires did an amazing job on it.”

We always appreciate the kind words, about the product and our installing dealers. Here is a link to a youtube video of this car in action, where it lays down 611rwhp on just 7psi!

Long time Mustang racer, and shop owner Mike Dez shows us that even 100% stock automatic cars can lay down the power numbers (549rwhp) with the ProCharger i-1 system. When we asked Mike how he liked this system his reply was, “I never expected the boost to be so instant, competition mode is no joke” and “The ability to control the boost curve on the i-1, makes it a great daily driver and a strip terror all in one package.” Mike plans on hitting the track soon, and eventually turning the boost up once adds some traction aids. 

We know how hard it is to impress the hardcore racers such as Mike, so hearing quotes like that makes all of us in the office very proud.

And remember one of the understatements of the year, BOLT ON 10’s!!! We did it with out 2011 in-house test car, and you can too. The recipe is simple, take a 2011+ Mustang GT, add an i-1 ProCharger supercharger system, headers and exhaust, some sticky tires and HOLD ON! We say BOLT ON, since an average guy can install (bolt on) those parts in his garage in a weekend, and take his Mustang from stock, to a 10 second 1/4 mile terror. 

Here is a little video by the crew at MAK Performance. They installed a Raptor kit onto a Harley F-150, that happens to share the same 6.2L engine that the Raptor comes with. In this video you can hear the blower changing modes at idle speed. If you listen close you can hear the impeller speed speed up, and slow down. Pretty cool video, thanks MAK for putting it out there! 

To switch gears from big Ford trucks, to more GM 2 door fun, lets take a look at some Camaros we have found around the net featuring ProCharger i-1 systems. 

Starting with this youtube video we found of Motiva Performance tuned Camaro with 645rwhp on 7psi, with E85 and an impressive 608rwhp on pump gas! This car features not only the ProCharger i-1 system, but also the addition of a Flex Fuel sensor, for a really trick install. What a perfect match up, having a car that can change its tune from pump gas to E85, and a supercharger that you can change the boost on the fly to match your fuel type. We dig it! 

Listen and Watch it by clicking below

Owning an i-1 supercharger system, isn’t always about the sheer power it produces. But also, the passion behind how much fun the car becomes to drive, and the thrill of being able to change modes and boost levels on the fly. Possibly one of the best videos we have found to help describe that passion of driving an i-1 powered Camaro, is that produced by the guys over at

Check out the video of their Project 5th Gen Camaro, featuring an i-1 below.

If you like clean install photos, with LOTS of facts to satisfy the “nerd” in you, check out their install write up, by clicking on the image below.

One car that got plenty of questions asked about it, was this 2010 i-1 ProCharged Camaro at the Street Car Takeover events. This car is 100% stock, other then the addition of a dual disc clutch. It turns the dyno rollers to over 600rwhp on pump gas, and rips off mid 11 second quarter mile passes. (Very traction limited) If it didn’t have the ProCharger Supercharged sticker on the front glass, this car might be the ultimate sleeper.

GM High Tech Magazine known for its in-depth stories and giving the cold hard facts, wanted to supercharge their road racing project car, and the first call they made was to ProCharger. Knowing this car was going to live on the road course in sunny (hot) Florida, the super efficient design, and low inlet temps of the i-1 was a perfect match. Not to mention that instant boost, to help pull this Camaro out of a corner with a rush of acceleration. They did an awesome write up on the performance on the road course of PBIR, and the installation of the supercharger, which you can read by clicking the links below. 

Click Image to learn more about road racing an i-1.

Click Image FOR a KILLER TECH install

Another fun video we found floating around, was that of a customer showing how to change the modes in his 2008 Corvette. With a little spirited run, that we will assume is on a closed course under professional supervision. One of the things you can notice in this video is that the touch screen can display lots of different data, and has a VERY fast sample rate. 

With more and more ProCharger i-1 Supercharger systems shipping out daily. We can’t wait to see more of them pop up around the net, however if you have a comment or would like to share your ProCharger experience (i-1 or Standard) feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or 913-338-2886 and we would be happy to hear for you. 

Thanks for reading as always!

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