Part of being a “car guy” or “car gal” is the goal of having the fastest car around. Now that could mean anything from having the fastest car on the block, fastest car in your city, or just maybe the entire country. But no matter what your goal is, having the power to out run the car next to you is always in the back of our minds. Here at ProCharger we strive to be the power adder that turns that goal into reality. And to make that reality easy and reliably, thanks to our quality products, and engineering. 

Over the years record holding cars powered by ProChargers has always been an impressive list, but in this blog we are going to focus on the Corvette platform.  ProCharger is proud to hold record setting performances for the last 3 generations of this iconic American hot rod!  From Skip Harmons daily driven new C7 Z06, to Joe DeDona’s unreal C5 track star, ProCharger superchargers help make these customers’ record setting dreams, reality.  Let’s dive into some details about each of these amazing machines. 


Skip Harmon / Advanced Modern Performance
2015 Corvette Z06
ProCharger F-1R Supercharger

Our readers with a really keen eye may notice this is NOT the first time you are seeing this amazing machine owned by Skip Harmon.  This car was featured a few months back in Super Chevy magazine, when it first recieved its ProCharger supercharger swap for the LT-4 in the article HERE.  Skip instantly became addicted to the power and felt the itch to push this stock LT-4 engine even further. After visiting Advanced Modern Performance in TX, Skip decided to up the game and add a larger ProCharger F-1R headunit, camshaft, and other goodies.  The reward of this trip to AMP is now the shot heard around the world.  Since on this car’s VERY first pass on the track, in non-ideal conditions it came home with the C7 record setting pass.  What makes this feat so amazing other then it happening on the first pass, was that after the pass was made, it was driven over 200 miles (4 hours) back to Skip’s home!  The car was in full “street mode”, on street tires, full weight, and pump gas!  We are sure this car will dip well into the 8 second time zone, after a couple more passes are under its belt. Until then, this car now has a major target on its back, as many others are going to try and take this C7 record.  Congratulations to Skip and the entire gang at Advanced Modern Performance for this amazing accomplishment. 


Fran Schatz
Corvette Z06
ProCharger F-1A-94

Running a 9 second pass in your C6 is wicked fast, and running an 8 second pass is even better;  however, if you are Fran Schatz owner of Race Proven Motorsports, then running 7 second passes is your goal.  And having this goal has placed Fran and his red Z06 at the top of the supercharged food chain.  The best part about this cars amazing passes is that it happens with a very “small” ProCharger F-1A-94 supercharger.  This blower is the same size as many of our competitors’ entry level street blowers, yet can power this car to record setting 7 second time slips.  Fran and his crew have also built a twin to this car that is in 100% street trim, and runs bottom 8 second passes at over 165 mph! To see these two amazing twins side by side and get more juicy details, look no further then the cover of Vette magazine for December (HERE).   Another huge congratulations to Fran and his crew on their cars’ outstanding achievements.


Jared Cocanougher
2006 Corvette Z06
ProCharger F-1X Supercharger

Running an 8 second pass in a Corvette is no easy task, doing it while “banging gears” is that much harder. Well thanks to the ProCharger F-1X power on board, Jared and his Race Proven Performance built C6 is able to do just that. This car has set the internet world on fire with the slow motion videos of this car launching and gear slamming its way to 8 second times.  Like all street driven 8 second cars, Jared still enjoys his ice cold A/C, heated seats, and navigation.  Guess what we are trying to say here is, this is no stripped down race car, this is a legit street car that has no issues taking down its competitors.  Congratulations to Race Proven Performance and Jared in their record setting efforts. 


Joe DeDona
1999 Corvette 
ProCharger F-1X-12 Supercharger

Switching from Street cars to something a bit more “race” we can’t help but mention the fastest IRS C5 on the planet.  The man, the myth, the legend Mr. Joe DeDona and his stunning blue C5.  This car is knocking on the 6 second door in its X275 radial trim and set the bar for all other C5’s;  however we have heard rumors that Joe is just moments away from hitting the track with an all new engine combo, to drive this record down further. This ProCharger supercharged monster shows that even cars with IRS can put it up on the bumper if needed.  Joe however likes to keep that nose down, and the car rocking out of the starting line like a bullet.  We can’t blame him, because this car flat out works as good as it looks.  We look forward to what is possible from this C5 as the 2016 racing season continues.  Congratulations to Joe and his crew for their C5 record, and racing accomplishments. 

If you have a Corvette and are looking for the absolute ULTIMATE power adder, why not drop us a line and see how ProCharger can help you meet your goals.  We have a large phone staff ready to answer any question you may have about boost, or how to take your car from stock to record holding performance.  Thanks for reading this blog, and have a wonderful weekend! 

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