Every weekend is jam packed with all sorts of “car” events ranging from cruise nights, car shows, races and everything in-between.  With a few mainstream events happening near the ProCharger headquarters we decided to display at several of these shows (including two that were the same night in the Kansas City area), as well as walk the shows and check them out.  This blog will be dedicated to showing off these spectacular events, and some of the ProCharger supercharged rides we came across. So please enjoy all of the images and videos below.   


For the past 2 years we have enjoyed coming to these shows across the US.  These SCT events not only give us a great chance to show off some of the newest company projects and toys, but also is a great opportunity to meet and greet with some many customers and see their amazing builds.  This 2016 SCT season is off to a great start for our ProCharger powered customers, with a few class wins under their belts, and even a class record! 

Mother nature has fought us a bit these last two events, by having to dodge the rain in STL, and then trying to avoid being cooked like an egg here in Kansas.  Thanks to efficient ProCharger head units, and highly effective air to air intercoolers, competitors running our products enjoyed loads of consistent passes to keep going round after round (sometimes in multiple classes). 

There is no WAY we could cover all the amazing ProCharger supercharged cars and trucks that we have come across at this years events, however we will do our best to show off these last two events in image albums shown below, and a few highlights sprinkled in.  We will break it up between the last two events here in KC and in STL. 


One of the cars at the Friday night “No Prep” race that had everyones attention was that of Craig Ondrick.  His ProCharger F-3R-130 supercharged BBC combo made your ears ring in the burnout box.  This was Craig’s first attempt at a “no prep” style race, however we are willing to bet we see him back at another soon. 

ProCharger helps bring home a “Best of Show” award.  To say this Corvette grabs your attention is an understatement! 

This LS Swapped Cobra of Tyler’s has set the bar for a P-1SC-1 ProCharger running mid 9 second passes at 143 mph!  With just a cam swapped LS3 engine! Running mid 9’s with our base offering supercharger shows what these units are capable of.  

Ryan G. was happy to take home the WIN for the 10.0 class with his ProCharger D-1SC powered LS swapped Mustang.  Ryan sealed his fate running a 10.02 in qualifying showing the rest of the class his car was dialed in for the WIN! 

We love seeing brand new cars making it out to events and doing well.  This 2016 Camaro SS was showing everyone what these boosted LT-1’s can do in this Gen6 Camaro. 

Not only do cars compete at this event, but trucks take their shot down the 1320 as well.  This killer Ford F-150 from NWA Streetworks packs a F-1A ProCharger supercharger to help it lay down 10 second 1/4 mile passes at the KC event. 

Another “none” car that was ripping down the track was this 790 rwhp Jeep SRT Grand Cherokee

One of the highlights of these SCT events is the custom built race inspired trophies.  (We are kinda partial to the big one) 

If your closet is getting a little thin, there are plenty of chances to snag some merch from vendors like 1320Video, Vasko Speed and Performance, Garage Built, etc.  

Our friends over at Deatschwerks made to trip from OKC to talk “fuel” with all of those in attendance. 

And thats a wrap for the KC event, we will see you again next year! 


As we rolled into St. Louis it seems that someone invited the rain to the party (it wasn’t us, trust me).  Even though showers came and went the loads of cars kept on arriving.  The car show/dyno challenge/burnout contents happened at PUR Performance and showed no signs of slowing down as the night went on.  PUR is also a ProCharger superchargers dealer, and was happy to answer everyones boosted questions during the show.  The next day the action hit the track at Gateway international speedway with not a single rain drop in sight.  We are going to share a link to another photo album full of countless photos, as well as highlight some ProCharger racers along the way.  

For all the event photos, click this image below. 

As the rain broke before the show started, this was a normal sight to be seen. Car owners making sure no water spots are to be found.  This is an image of Kody’s roll racing/daily driver ProCharger powered C7.

But as the sun broke out, the show went on and the cars started filling the lot. 

The next day this event moved to the track, and boy was it packed and HOT! But even with the heat and humidity, the fans and cars cam out. 

One of the fan favorites was this Camaro that made the hair on the back of your neck stand up with sound.  This car was SO loud when it’s F-3R came to life stuffing cubic loads of air into that BBC engine. This car later one went to runner up in two different classes that it entered. 

Ryan D. and his full weight, F-1X powered, Gen5 Camaro came out to play in his own back yard.  This car has done battle all over the US, including TX2K and even taking the runner up spot at Holley Fest! Be carefull if you run across this green striped monster out and about.  

The CBI Streetcars 8 second Corvette came out to show off a little bit.  This car runs 8 second times, yet drives like stock! We can’t get enough of this F-1X powered machine. 

We never caught up to the owner of this black Camaro, however we liked what we saw peaking out by the tire! 

This white C7 featured the ProCharger “road race” supercharger system with its horizontal intercooler.  This car performed well in both the roll racing classes, as well as the 11.00 class all weekend.  However after it ran a 10.80 trying to not break out, the car was eliminated.  We hope to see it at the next evert doing battle again! 

We have some of the best customers a company could as for, and here is an example of why.  Custom helmet with ProCharger logo! 

Prior to the KC event, there was another ProCharger Jeep SRT that was stealing the crowds attention. This rig was knocking down low 11 second passes all day long, and from what we hear is also a daily driver.  Now that is the kind of consistent performance from a heavy rig that gets us excited. 

And thats a wrap for SCT in STL…see you all next year! 


If you are an automotive guru, then you almost certainly have heard of the Hot Rod Power Tour.  Each year Hot Rod magazine organizes the largest (that we know of) automotive gathering/cruise in the world.  This rolling caravan of 1,000’s of cars hits 7 cities in just 7 days, with likely a couple million horsepower on display.  ProCharger superchargers was happy to join this massive rolling family of horsepower as they rolled into their last stop here in Kansas City.  

So many amazing stories were shared in the ProCharger booth, about how epic the last 1,500 miles of their lives were to get to Kansas City.  We absolutely love hearing about these amazing automotive journeys, just about as much as we like talking about boost.  ProCharger wants to say “Congratulations” to all of those that endured the 100 degree heat, and 80% humidity to drive your cars from start to finish to make the “LONG HAUL” as its known for.  

Here is a little before and after action of the parking area of the speedway.

We found this ultra cool ProCharger supercharged “LS swapped” 1974 C-10 while walking the midway. 

This 1969 Camaro with its blow through ProCharger supercharged small block was a crowd fav.

Speaking of blow through, here is a couple thousand HP worth of ProCharger supercharged rides right here. Even though these cars have different engine (BBC and SBC) and transmission combos (stick and auto), one thing they have in common is that for the better part of a decade they have been logging ProCharger blown miles!


So some of you readers might already know about these crazy parking lot drag events happening across the US.  But for those of you that don’t, we urge you to check them out.  Since not only are these events cool just because of their nature, but also because they are organized by the crazy minds of the guys over at Roadkill.  You know, the guys that make videos on youtube and suck you in for hours, as you watch David and Mike enjoy things like motor swapping trucks and jet-boats. 

One of the most talked about rides at this event was this ProCharger blown sleeper SRT Jeep Grand Cherokee owned by Justin Stryker.  This 5.300+ lb SUV flat out surpassed a ton of people by running wickedly fast all day while taking down compeditors left and right.  Just look at this thing squat as it rips down the track! 

One of the most talked about rides at this event was this ProCharger blown sleeper SRT Jeep Grand Cherokee owned by Justin Stryker.  This 5.300+ lb SUV flat out surpassed a ton of people by running wickedly fast all day while taking down compeditors left and right.  Just look at this thing squat as it rips down the track! 

Below is a video of just how deadly this truck is from a “dig” against a new Dodge Hellcat Charger.  
Think this truck has the power when pulling away from a stoplight after a trip to the store? 

The image below illustrates just how unsuspecting this SUV is as it doesn’t stand out at all.  Visually with it still wearing the stock wheels and tires combined with all the interior amenities (plus a large stereo system) it’s doesn’t really scream “Hey, I am fast”.  But that image of being a “sleeper” quickly changes as Justin unleashes the horsepower he has on tap (880 rwhp if needed) to take down any competitor next to him.  Trust us, this is one family hauler that we would love to have parked in our driveway! Congratulations on your amazing passes all day Justin, and your amazing truck. 


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