RACING UPDATE: ProCharged Racers are on TOP of 2022!

41 Class wins and climbing for ProCharged Racers!

Talk about coming out swinging… we are only in the month of May and already ProCharged racers have clinched over 40 class wins! Not to mention an almost countless number of runners-up, and records. Without delay, let us dive into the details…

Back to Back Wins in NHRA Pro Mod!

Winning one NHRA Pro Mod event would be worthy of celebration for any team in the pits. However, Kris and his fellow crew can really jump for joy now, putting BACK to BACK Wallys in their hands. While this all-black Camaro might not scream for attention, its performance sure does. Congrats to Kris and his crew from all of us here at ProCharger.

Kris Thorne – NHRA National – Gainesville 3/13/22
Pro Mod F4X-140

Kris Thorne – NHRA – Charlotte 5/1/22
Pro Mod F4X-140

Radial Racers driving into the winner’s circle!

A “radial” race car at the very, very top level is something that takes years and years to dial in perfection, to the point that you can almost know exactly what time the car will run before the pass is ever made. And to get that level of precision, you need a deadly reliable and consistent combination. And that’s exactly what these two racers below have done for years in their ProCharger power machines. Congrats to both Jason and Rob on these well-deserved wins at one of the most prestigious radial events around.

Jason Lee – Sweet 16 – Valdosta 3/26/22
RVW F4X-140

Rob Goss – Sweet 16 – Valdosta 3/26/22
X275 F3R-102

No Prep Kings: the gang is back, knocking down wins!

For anyone that follows the No Prep Kings scene, they know that this year the competition has been closer than ever. So many amazing teams are on the property in each and every race. However, ProCharger-powered machines have been in the winner’s circle three times, twice from the returning 2021 Champ. We are excited to see how the rest of the season will pan out and wish all of the racers a safe and successful season.

Ryan Martin – NPK – Palm Beach 4/9/2
Invitational F4X-140

Ryan Martin – NPK – VMP 4/22/2
Great 8 F4X-140

Manny Buginga – NPK – Maple Grove 5/15/22
Future Outlaws F4X-140

Top Dragsters racers are dominating across the US!

Last year, ProCharged Top Dragsters almost made a clean sweep of the entire Championship. Winning the overall Championship and every single divisional, except one. Looks like this year is starting off exactly where last year left off, and we couldn’t be happier for these racers and their crews.

Wayne Landry – NHRA National – Gainesville 3/14/22
Top Dragster F3R-112RD

Steve Furr – PDRA – Galot 4/9/22
Elite Top Dragster F3R-112RD

Rusty Baxter – NHRA Divisional – Houston 4/10/22
Top Dragster F3R-112

Brianna Wiens – NHRA Divisional – Vegas 4/10/22
Top Dragster F3R-112RD

More amazing event wins!

This list of amazing ProCharger supercharged racers has a little bit of everything, from “outlaws” to small tire shootouts, no time events, or even heavyweight streetcars. This might all be drag racing wins, but there really are no identical combos anywhere to be found. It’s always amazing to see just how many wins come from totally different cars, combos, engines and even ProChargers.

Stephen Barnett– Texas Radial Roundup – Ennis 3/19/22
Limited 275 F-1A-91

Dustin Nesloney– MWDRS – Xtreme Raceway Park 3/19/22
Pro Mod F4X-140

Billy Brown– Carolina N/T– Piedmont 3/19/22

Billy Brown– Carolina N/T– Galot 3/25/22
ASAG N/T F1X (Split)

JJ Da Boss– JJ’s Arm Drop – North Florida Motorplex 3/26/22
Big Tire F3R-121

Billy Brown– Carolina N/T– Galot 3/26/22
ASAG N/T F1X (split)

Scott Boegler– Modern Hemi Shootout – Orland 3/27/22
Heavyweight – F1R

Brent Self– Limpy’s Flashlight Start – Yellow Belly Raceway 4/2/22
Small Tire – F3R-136

Isaias Rojas– Salinas Speedway (Puerto Rico) – 4/3/22
Pro Mod – F3X-140

Tim Essick– PDRA – Galot 4/9/22
Pro Street F3R-136

Chris Harrigan– Modern Hemi Shootout – VMP 4/18/22
8.50 Class – F-1A-94

Justin Palmer– NMCA – Rockingham 4/24/22
X275 F3R-102

Samantha Moore– NMRA – Rockingham 4/24/22
Limited Street P1X

Jamie Stanton– Radial Outlaws – Alabama Raceway 4/23/22
X275 F3R-102

Billy Brown– Get Busy Grudge Fest – US13 Dragway 4/22/22
28’s Gone Wild F-1X

Russell Stone– F-Body vs World – Twin Cities Raceway 4/30/22
Small Tire – F3R-136

Jarred Hicks– 28/275 Shootoutout – Brainerd Motorsports Park 4/30/22
Shootout Winner

Mauro Vitale– Door Wars – MIR 4/30/22
Heavy Hitters F3R-121

Jerry Jahnsen– The Main Event – Sacramento Raceway 5/7/22
Big Dog F3X-140

Robert Costa– MWDRS – Tulsa 5/7/22
Pro Mod Slammers F3X-140

Dan Whetstine– Warriors – MIR 5/14/22
Warriors Outlaw F3D-106

Samantha Moore– NMRA – St Louis 5/16/22
Limited Street P1X

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