How long does a ProCharger Supercharger Last

Just how long does a ProCharger Supercharger Last?

That simple question above is frequently asked by future ProCharger users of almost every demographic.  Rightfully so, it’s an important question when making the investment into a power adder for your project.  Thankfully, it’s one of the easiest questions to answer, since ProCharger superchargers are engineered for long-term usage in mind and we frequently have customers share their “high mileage” accomplishments.  These stories are not uncommon to hear at all, so in this blog, we figured we would share a few more across various markets. (Also if you have a high mileage story, please email us HERE

 250,000+ miles and still towing the family toys!

Since truck owners tend to keep their rigs longer than almost any other automotive demographic, its only fitting that the question of longevity comes up frequently in this market.  ProChargers engineering staff works diligently to make sure that years and years of trouble-free ownership is common no matter if we are talking 50k, 100k, or even 200,000 miles or more!  We mentioned a 230k mile Avalanche a few years back, however, the Jones family has an F150 that is giving that rig a run for its money.  Their family Ford F-150 has now racked up 248,000 boosted miles doing double duty as a daily driver and weekend hauling of the toys.

No “beauty” photos under this hood, just the normal dirt, and grime you would expect from a truck that is about to surpass the 1/4 million mile mark.  Hopefully, we get the updated photo when it hits that magic 250k reading (bonus points if it’s towing that camper or a boat when it does it).  Thanks to the Jones family for your submission to our unofficial “high mileage club.”

100k Miles, and supercharged youtube stardom!

A little over 2 years ago youtube star is known as “That Dude in Blue” decided to add some ProCharger supercharged boost to his Mustang known as “Smurrf.”  Over the years now, this car has been video-blogged over 100 times and now features over 100,000 miles on its ProCharged 5.0L engine.  When a car passes that 100k mark its pretty special, but when it does it packing well over 650HP, it’s REALLY SPECIAL!   This car has crisscrossed the country from shows to everyday trips, and everything in between without missing a beat.  Thank you, David, for passing your video onto us so that we can share it with our customers.  We wish you many more smiles in that Mustang for the upcoming 2018 year!


This ProCharged Ford Raptor just past 107,000 miles of pulling power!

When you have a bright blue wake boat powered by a Ford Raptor 6.2L engine, what is best to pull it to the lake with?  Well, how about a matching blue Raptor F-150 packing ProCharger supercharged horsepower?  This F-150 has criss crossed the country racking up superchaged miles, and still is given daily driven duties for the Hall family.

No matter if its playing in the offroad trails, or hauling the boat to the lake the powergains from the supercharger are a welcomed addition.  Hopefully we will see another report from this truck in another 107k miles, just in time for our next high mileage blog.

13 years old and still winning Championships!

In 2017 this stunning silver machine of Kevin Guthrie was nothing short of a force to be reckoned with.  Not only did this 62 Chevy take home the Championship for the Rocky Mountain Series, but ALSO the PSCA Outlaw 10.5 Championship as well!  Kevin’s killer Chevy is on this blog because BOTH of these amazing accomplishments happened with a 13-year-old F-3R stuffing boost into that 540″ Big Block Chevy.

We are all excited to see what the 2018 season will hold for Kevin and his crew behind this heavyweight Chevy.  But one thing for sure, that ProCharger supercharger will keep on stuffing that big block all the way to the finish line.  Feel free to click that image below for a larger photo of this killer race car!

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