One of the most antcipated and talked about automotive line ups this year was the new 2015 HEMI platforms. With ProCharger superchargers being the undisputed forced induction leader for the HEMI platform, our engineers couldn’t wait to get these systems ready for our customers. Well the day has come, so if you’re ready to feel the rush that an extra 200 HP can deliver, keep on reading.  

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All New Intercooler System:
For years ProCharger air-to-air intercoolers for the HEMI/DCX platform have been the leader in HP support and effectiveness, but as always we continued to improve upon that. We designed an all-new system to have even more free flowing tubing arrangements, and less couplers then before. This is great news for those that will be pushing the HP levels down the road, which demand the best intercooler on the market. Below is the illustration of the two different intercooler systems offered to meet our customers needs. 

HO Intercooler Shown

Race Intercooler System Shown

Industry Leading Power Gains:
For over a decade ProCharger supercharger systems have delivered the largest and most reliable power gains for the HEMI engine platforms. Power gains of over 200 HP are possible on standard high quality pump gas. Pumping the power output of the 6.4L (392) engines to a mind blowing 685+ Horsepower! Yes, that is nearing the level of the Hellcat at a mere fraction of the price.  

2015 6.4L Challenger, 614 RWHP, 7 psi

Easy Installation, with Reversibility: 
ProCharger engineering staff works hard to ensure that not only will your supercharger system be easy enough to install in the home garage with an OEM fit and finish, but also that it leaves no permanent changes to the automobile (such as cutting or trimming of body parts). Ensuring the piece of mind to easily install this system on the weekend, and know that you are not affecting resale or trade in value if you chose to remove it before sale. For those not installing this system yourself, ProCharger also has a vast network of installing dealers across the US to get your installation handled.  

Supercharger System Shipping and Availability: 
2015 Challenger 6.4L  –Systems and Tuner Kits Now Shipping
2015 Challenger 5.7L  –Systems and Tuner Kits Now Shipping
2015-16 Challenger and Charger 6.4L – Coming Soon (Email to reserve system today)
2015-16 Challenger and Charger 5.7L – Coming Soon (Email to reserve system today)

If you are looking to turn your 2015-16 Dodge Charger or Challenger into a supercharged boulevard brawler …
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