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Applying our award-winning, patented and proven self-contained supercharger technology, along with the coolest charge air temperatures in the industry, ProCharger is expanding our air-to-air intercooled supercharger solutions into the horsepower-hungry powersports and off-road vehicle markets.

Utilizing the world's smallest self-contained, gear-driven supercharger, the ProCharger A-1 supercharger, ProCharger's powersports supercharger systems also utilize a highly-effective, air-to-air intercooler to further lowercharge air temperatures before it enters the engine. Combined with the highly-efficient design of the supercharger, ProCharger powersports kits deliver the industry's coolest charge air temperatures which in turn supports the largest, most reliable power gains in the industry.

Realizing the all-around versatility and performance potential of an entirely new generation of side-by-side Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV), ProCharger is proud to introduce intercooled supercharger systems for these work hard, play hard vehicles.

Altitude Compensation
An intercooled supercharger system provides outstanding"altitude compensation" for vehicles operated in a wide range of elevations and environmental conditions. Because a supercharger creates positive intake pressure, the affects of high-altitude operations will be greatly minimized.

Low Heat Signature
When compared with an exhaust-mounted turbocharger, the engine-driven ProCharger supercharger produces a significantly lower heat signature, which is beneficial in both recreational and military applications.

Reliability; Made and Serviced in the USA
ProCharger's patented and proven self-contained superchargers require no external oil lines, pump or cooler, thereby providing superior reliability and simplified installation. ProCharger's gear-driven supercharger transmission design is not harmed by spinning it backwards, and is much more durable than a friction-drive design. Using state-of-the-art manufacturing materials and technologies, ProCharger superchargers are designed, manufactured and serviced in the USA.

System Development
Initially, ProCharger is developing complete systems for the segment-leading Polaris UTVs, including the Polaris Ranger 800 XP and Polaris RZR / RZR-S vehicles equipped with the 800 EFI engine.

However, if you are interested in developing your own intercooled supercharger kit around a ProCharger supercharger, we have an extensive line of supercharger models and intercoolers capable of covering a wide range of engine sizes and air flow needs. Please contact our Powersports sales team for more information.

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