SB/BB Chevy - P-1SC/D-1SC


  High Output with P600B (8 rib)  specify  specify  -
  High Output with P-1SC (8 rib)  specify  specify  -
  High Output Intercooled with P-1SC (8 rib)  specify  specify  2 core (550 hp)
  High Output with D-1 (12 rib)  specify  specify  -
  High Output with D-1SC (12 rib)  specify  specify  -
  High Output Intercooled with D-1SC (12 rib)  specify  specify  3 core (825 hp)


P600B, P-1SC and D-1SC

Available for small block and big block Chevy engines, the intercooled and non-intercooled ProCharger P-1SC and D-1SC kits are ProCharger’s entry level self-contained superchargers. Built more ruggedly than the high-end “race” models offered by others, these superchargers utilize a transmission case constructed from 6061 aluminum billet. Lubricated with ProCharger’s own proprietary synthetic oil blend, the ultra-rigid precision ground shafts and gears (mounted on super-precision, high speed bearings) transfer power from the engine to a CNC machined 7075 aluminum billet impeller, spinning it at an overdrive ratio of 4.10:1.

Equipped with a 9” volute, these units pack a lot of power while keeping a low profile. Utilizing a 6061 billet serpentine drive pulley, these blowers are custom configured for your application at no extra cost.

ProCharger’s carb and aftermarket EFI small and big block applications include a wide range of available superchargers, intercoolers, drive systems, bypass valves, carb bonnets and even serpentine accessory drives for both small- and big-block Chevrolet engines. The carb bonnet and the tubing are required to boost your Holley 4150-style carburetor, while providing maximum hood clearance. The P-1SC utilizes a radial impeller capable of accommodating a wide range of applications while providing a smooth boost curve. Capable of supporting 925 hp, the D-1SC utilizes a helixed impeller and upgraded bearings and can satisfy the appetite of most power-hungry enthusiasts.

Optional Equipment

  • Polished Finish for ProCharger, Bracketry, Carb Bonnet
  • Competition Carb Bonnet
  • Boost Sensitive Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • 1,000 Sensitive Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Air Conditioning Option, SB or BB
  • Power Steering Option (GM Type II), SB or BB
  • 3 core Intercooler, Standard or Race
  • Pro-Flo Surge System
  • Universal Tube Kit

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