Racing News

With the season well underway, and lots of racers getting all the winter "bugs" worked out of their cars/combos the wins, records and points are really starting to tally up. With so many ProCharger powered racers adding their names to the record/win books, its almost hard to keep up with.

When Big Power Racing was looking to add a supercharger to their limited edition Al Unser Jr. Camaro, they wanted the best. What better supercharger to power this Champion's Camaro, than the supercharger that builds Champions year in and year out. The ProCharger D-1SC system on this Camaro ...

The next two weekends here in the Midwest are going to be jam-packed with racing action, so if you are close DO NOT MISS OUT! ProCharger will be attending both events--here are the details so you can come by and join us in the fun. This weekend (May 16th-17th) the Street Car Takeover will be hosting ...

So the 2014 Racing season is just getting warmed up, and we can't be more excited. Only a few races have been put in the books so far, and already a bunch of ProCharger powered machines are making news. With even more race spec specific blowers flying out the doors of our facility ...

Recently at the 2014 Jackson Hole World Championship Snowmobile Hill Climb in Wyoming a ProCharger supercharger equipped Speedwerx Arctic Cat snowmobile won the “run-what-ya-brung” Dash for Cash drag race. This is a race of the 20 fastest sleds around. This is a single elimination race, so over 10 rounds this machine not only showed its performance – it showed its durability as well.

Finally the long wait is over, our favorite time of year is about to begin. Garages and shops across the country are in crunch time mode, as winter projects/updates are being completed, tow rigs and trailers are getting prepped and stocked, dyno rollers are turning, test hits at the track are being made, and EVERYONE is getting ready to do battle…Because its RACE SEASON again!

Three of the Four members of 6-second 275 Drag Radial club are ProCharger-Powered!

Kelly Henry, Henry De Los Santos “6-second 275 Drag Radial” Mustang