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Proving that you can be two places at the same time, the ProCharger event crews will be attending two separate events on the same June 5, 6 & 7 weekend. Be sure and stop by the ProCharger display at either and be on the lookout for some great ProCharger-equipped cars at both of these high-horsepower events.

Rad Rides by Troy is famous for their over-the-top, high-horsepower creations, and the car they constructed for Gary Abraham is a perfect example.

Long-time ProCharger racer Jim Blair made it clear that he will be a force in the 2009 NMCA Super Street Outlaw competition.

Following up on the recent Florida NMRA, Battle of the Brands and Houston ADRL season opening successes, another ProCharger racer on the other side of the country raced his way to win in the Pacific Street Car Association (PSCA) season opener at Fontana, CA.

ProCharger racers are picking up right where they left off. With 10 National Championships in 2008, several ProCharger-powered racers made it loud and clear that ProCharger dominance will continue in 2009.

NMRA Season Opener, Bradenton, FL

Jason Lee

America's Fastest Pump Gas Car

Jim Plimpton has really made a name for himself in the big-power pump gas world; taking top honors in the 2008 HOT ROD Pump Gas Drags as well as finishing in the top 5 at the 2008 DynoMax Power to the Wheels competition with 1443 RWHP.