ProCharger i-1 Supercharger

“The i-1 can increase the power of a stock LS3 Camaro (or Corvette) by nearly 200 RWHP with no other modifications [and only 7.5 psi]. In 1/4 mile testing ... our i-1 mph was a full 5.5 mph better [and nearly 60 RWHP higher] than the ZL1 ... tested under similar conditions at the same track.”
– Super Chevy, December 2013 ( Click Here for Full Article )


“On the dyno, power was up from 360 rwhp to 555 rwhp [195 RWHP increase; otherwise stock 5.0L 4V, 7.5 psi, pump gas]. Every so often, a product comes along that sets a new standard. When ProCharger launched its i-1 this year, it did just that.”
– Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords, December 2013


“Programmable boost means you can literally dial in the boost curve as you desire and can make boost adjustments [via multiple modes] on the fly using the digital touchscreen.”
– GM High-Tech Performance, April 2013


“The i-1 completely changes the way the market will be looking at centrifugal superchargers forever, from a company that has brought many firsts to their market segment.”
– Stang TV


“ProCharger has really taken supercharging to the next level.”
– Chevy High Performance, August 2013


“ProCharger has a history of innovation, but the revolutionary i-1 is a true pioneer.”
– Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords, May 2013


“… the [intercooled] ProCharger i-1 is able to produce a greater power number per pound of boost than air-to-water intercooled, positive displacement supercharger systems.”
– GM High-Tech Performance, November 2013


“Never before have we seen a bolt-on, intercooled, centrifugal blower with this type of programmable-ratio capability.”
– 5.0 Mustang and Super Fords, June 2013


“ProCharger is changing the game with their i-1 variable ratio supercharger.”
– Hot Rod, April 2013


“The variable boost adjustability and efficiency are astounding.”
– GM High-Tech Performance, November 2013


“This [touchscreen] upgrade is a no brainer for us.”
– Muscle Mustang & Fast Fords, April 2013


“Is this the perfect supercharger?”
– Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords, May 2013


“The next evolution of the supercharger is here and waiting to be bolted into your Camaro, but only if you call ProCharger.”
– Stacey David, GearZ TV, July 2013


“You know you’re living in the 21st century when ProCharger releases a touchscreen controlled, dry hybrid drive, programmable ratio supercharger … Dropping your Camaro off with the valet? turn down to 1-psi [touring mode, also for fuel economy]. Dropping it off at the track to get some killer times? Set it on kill, bring in the boost early, and get ready to hold on [competition mode]. Along with the new goodies, you’ll get everything in the kit you’re used to from ProCharger, which makes for a simple install and years of worry-free driving.”
– Camaro Now, April 2013


“The touchscreen’s display can be personalized to present a single value or combination of any four data points at one time. Datalogging is also available.”
– 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords, April 2013