ProCharger i-1 Supercharger

2016-15 Ford F-150 (5.0 4V) / 2011-14 Ford F-150 (5.0, 6.2 4V)

New I-1 Systems for Fords Trucks! 

Ford Raptor I-1 ProCharger Supercharger

ProCharger is also happy to announce the release of the Ford F-150 i-1 supercharger system for trucks with the optional 6.2L engine.  (Not just Raptors) Here is a little video by the crew at MAK Performance. They installed a Raptor kit onto a Harley F-150, that happens to share the same 6.2L engine that the Raptor comes with. In this video you can hear the blower changing modes at idle speed. If you listen close you can hear the impeller speed speed up, and slow down. Pretty cool video, thanks MAK for putting it out there!

Also, while on the topic, ProCharger i-1 supercharger systems for 2011-14 5.0 F-150’s are currently in development and will begin shipping in the spring.

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2013-10 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor (6.2)

Now Available for Ford 6.2L Raptors!

ProCharger i-1 for Raptors

  High Output Intercooled System with i-1  8 psi  55%+  Race
  High Output Intercooled Tuner Kit with i-1  specify  specify  Race


“The next evolution of the supercharger is here ... but only if you call ProCharger.”
– Stacey David, Gearz TV

“Every so often, a product comes along that sets a new standard. When ProCharger launched its i-1 this year, it did just that.”
– Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords

“ProCharger is changing the game with their i-1 variable ratio supercharger.”
– HotRod

“Never before have we seen a bolt-on, intercooled, centrifugal blower with this type of programmable-ratio capability.”
– 5.0 Mustang and Super Fords


2013-07 GM Truck/SUV (4.8,5.3,6.0,6.2)

ProCharger I-1 Systems, Now for the 2007-2013 GM Trucks/SUV's

2007 2013 GM Truck/SUV I-1 Procharger Supercharger

For months we have heard truck owners BEGGING us for more i-1 supercharger systems, since we released them for the Ford Raptors. Well for the 2007-2013 1500/2500HD GM/GMC owners the wait is OVER!

When asking the question, "Why does a person own a truck?" the answer is simple. It's because we want a vehicle that can do anything and everything. As a truck owner we want to be able to haul friends/family, we want to be able to tow toys around, we may need to throw stuff in the bed, and to top it all off we still want our trucks to be FAST!

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