ProCharger i-1 Supercharger

Proven Performance and Durability

The ProCharger i-1 supercharger has been rigorously tested in the lab, on the dyno, on the street and at the track. Lab testing began in 2010, while dyno and track testing, as well as daily driving of the company’s test fleet, began in 2011. ProCharger i-1 models are available with the same industry-leading warranty coverage as the legendary P-1SC-1 ProCharger, as well as self-contained oiling–a design feature that ProCharger pioneered over a dozen years ago.

Smaller and lighter than both intercooled positive displacement supercharger and twin turbocharger kits, the award-winning i-1 ProCharger is available as a tuner kit or 100% complete system. This proven supercharger has received an extreme amount of praise from across the industry for providing the largest power gains per psi, as well as several industry exclusive features.

The two red vehicles shown above/right were driven from Kansas City to Florida for track testing at Palm Beach International Raceway, in the Summer of 2013. The blue Camaro shown on the right was also driven from Kansas City to Florida, for track testing with Super Chevy. The red Camaro SS is the GM High-Tech Performance project Camaro, which has been run on the road course extensively since the i-1 was installed. Both of these Camaros gained 195 RWHP with the i-1, running 7.5 psi on stock LS3’s with stock exhaust and pump gas.

Dyno Testing

Dyno Testing at ProCharger

Lab Testing

2010 Lab Testing at ProCharger

Track Testing

1.7 second, 14 mph quarter
mile improvement; stock LS3,
7.5 psi, pump gas

Camaro SS Burnout

Road Course Testing, November 2012

Road Course Testing

Track Testing, April 2012