MORE ProCharger 496 MAG / MAG HO Systems Coming SOON!

COMING SOON: Even more 496 MAG and MAG HO Systems! 

We know a "boat load" of you have waited to hear those words from us (pun intended). And the rumors are true, ProCharger is about to release supercharger systems for the later model MerCruiser 496 MAG and MAG HO platforms! These 2005 to current systems will still include the same industry leading head unit and intercooler, along with PCM recalibration and fuel system upgrades to deliver the ultimate in reliable horsepower.  

When it comes to the marine world, a lot of factors come into play not faced in the automotive side of performance. Items such as plane time, stern drive safety, and long duration boost loads.  In each of these areas ProCharger has some clear advantages over other forms of forced induction allowing for the most reliable package for not only the engine, but the sterndrive as well.  

2001-2004 Model Years (Now Shipping)
2005-Current Model Years (Coming Soon)

ProCharger Supercharger Advantages:

Power Per PSI -- ProCharger head units have always delivered the biggest power gains per PSI possible, and these 496 motors are no different. ProCharger engineers spent plenty of R&D hours making the ultimate air-to-water intercooler for this application as well. With nearly zero pressure drop combined with the coolest air charge temp possible, HP gains are out of this world (We will touch on that in a later blog, soon). Boost levels are kept a low pump fuel safe numbers, so customers don't have to search high and low for 93 or greater octane. 

Sterndrive Safe TQ Curve --  Boost down in the lower RPM's can lead to unnecessary TQ strain placed onto the sterndrive at the time its most vunerable to breakage. The ProCharger follows the natural power curve of the engine, and makes for smooth and seamless driving characteristics, and OEM dock-ability.

Beyond just MPH gains -- Of course the huge top speed MPH gains of a supercharger system is exciting. But beyond that is how easy cruising MPH is achieved, as well as increased overall cruise fuel economy. Even in conditions other then wide open throttle our superchargers help the 496 breathe deeply with ease, allowing you to cruise comfortable with over 100 extra foot lbs. of TQ, even right off idle to drastically cut down plane time. 

Recent Installs: 

2005 Cobalt 496 MAG Bravo 3 -- Nearly 70 mph family cruiser! 

2006 Eliminator 26' Cat 496 MAG HO Bravo 1 -- Almost 20 mph gain on pump gas, low boost! 


Want to add some supercharged excitement to your boat? 

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