Polaris Slingshot Overview

55% Power Gain at Just 8 psi of Boost

The industry-leading Intercooled ProCharger supercharger system for Polaris Slingshots is now available and features an unmatched combination of power, reliability and drivability, appearance and ease of installation. Utilizing a highly-efficient ProCharger self-contained supercharger and custom air-to-air intercooler for maximum power and performance, this kit features an easy, bolt-on installation with standard hand tools and no permanent modifications.

ProCharger Slingshot systems produce a 55% power gain with a conservative 8 psi of boost running premium pump gas. Larger gains are possible with more boost and/or custom tuning, as well as exhaust and other modifications and/or higher octane fuel. Thanks to ProCharger's massive air-to-air front mount intercooler and highly efficient all new CS-1 supercharger head unit, big reliable horsepower is the end result.

This ProCharger supercharger system is a 100% bolt-on system that requires no permanent modifications to your Polaris Slingshot and come complete with ECU/PCM reprogramming optimized for the supercharger system. This means you have a proper calibration for all the extra horsepower, yet retain all factory functions and driveability. Best of all it can all be done in the garage with common hand tools.


• Bolt-on 55% HP gain with 8 psi of boost
• Higher power gains possible with more boost and custom tuning
• Front mount air-to-air intercooler
• Rigid billet aluminum bracket system
• Self-contained oiling system: No oil pumps or oil lines and no need to tap the oil pan
• Instant throttle response
• Lower under-chassis temps and charge air temps compared to a turbo set-up
• Engineered and made in the USA


NOTE: ProCharger Polaris Slingshot Systems are NOT legal for street use in California.