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The Harley-Davidson Twin Cam EFI ProCharger system contains the powerful and efficient B-1 ProCharger, a complete air-to-air intercooler system (a ProCharger exclusive), supercharger bracket, outer primary cover, power take-off, air filter cover, belt tensioner, surge/bypass valve, computer programming, air filter, belts, hoses and all the nuts and bolts needed for a 100% complete, OEM quality installation. Designed by Accesssible Technologies’ proven engineering team, all components are manufactured with the highest quality materials and latest CNC machining equipment. With industry leading supercharger technology and an integrated intercooler design, a new standard for V-twin performance has arrived.

The Fundamental Solution

Historically, other supercharger designs haven’t produced much power on Harley-Davidsons due to the hot charge air temperatures they produce. These hot temperatures not only result in less air density, they rob power by forcing the reduction of ignition timing. All non-intercooled superchargers and turbochargers operate with an intake manifold temperature in the general range of 90°-160° above ambient (outside air) temperature at 8 psi. At the same boost level, an Intercooled ProCharger operates at only 20-30° above ambient! This tremendous advantage from cooler air is just like the difference between riding on a cold winter day vs. the blistering heat of summer!

Roots-style superchargers generate excessive heat due to poor efficiency and the heat transfer resulting from being mounted to the engine itself and produce very minimal power gains. Turbochargers are able to utilize air-to-air intercooling and have efficient compressors, but are subject to extreme heat transfer from their exhaust interface and generate substantial exhaust back pressure. Intercooled ProCharger systems are the fundamental solution–not only is less heat added when the air is compressed, less heat is absorbed from the engine and exhaust, and the majority of the remaining heat is removed through an intercooler. Cool charge air temperatures reduce exposure to detonation and are the key to maximizing power and engine longevity.

Motorcycle Charge Air Temperatures Chart