Motorcycle & Powersports Superchargers

Harley Davidson Supercharger Systems

  • Designed for Stock and Modified Motors
  • The First and Only Intercooled Centrifugal Supercharger for Harley Davidsons
  • Exclusive Design doesn’t Affect Drivability, Idle Quality or Rider Position
  • Easily Installs in 4-6 Hours with Standard Hand Tools
  • Innovative Power Take-Off for Ultimate Reliability
  • Featuring Gear Driven B-1 ProCharger Supercharger with Self-Contained Oiling
  • Patented Design For Quiet Operation
  • Very Predictable and Consistent Power
  • The Most Efficient Supercharger Available for American V-Twins
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Extremely Durable, with 3-Year Supercharger Warranty Available

Performance Product of the Year


This new product is the latest in hight performance technology, with multiple patented features–from the industry leader for automotive, truck, marine and race supercharging.

Unmatched HP Gains on Gas


Air-to-Air Intercooling