1980 Jeep CJ7

Supercharger: F-2

After RWHP: 1480




Modifications and Additional Specs:

Of course, like any lifelong project, the Jeep is never done. Currently, it relies on the same engine—now displacing 408 ci—a DRC Race Transmissions–built Turbo 400 with billet 10-inch converter, and a 9-inch Ford rear from Furo Racecraft stuffed with 3.50 gears and Strange Engineering components. With the F2 onboard, it makes a proven 1,480 hp and 1,029 lb-ft of torque on the dyno at AMS—serious numbers for a street car. Wink-wink. There’s a long list of people central to keeping the Jeep alive: Harold Furo at Furo Racecraft, Scotty Dean, DRC Transmission, Converter King, Garage Built Race Cars, Thor Schroeder at Moroso, JC at Strange Engineering, Sticker Dude, and most importantly, his daughter, Danielle. “Parking it for more than a few years really made me glad I didn’t sell that damn thing and have had an opportunity to relive my childhood one more time. I’d like to thank all my friends that talked me into taking it back out,” Zoetmulder says.