Chevy EFI Editorial

ProCharger Chevrolet Editorial


"Even with the potent LT1 under the hood, Justin soon realized changes needed to be made. After all, his last ride was pumping out some serious power, so he dialed up the guys at ProCharger for some advice. Well, as you can imagine they are quite the enablers over there and soon an intercooled F1-A centrifugal blower was on the way … Put it all together and it was enough to make 900 horsepower at 7,100 rpm and 850 lb-ft of twist at 5,000 rpm. Certainly enough grunt to satisfy Justin, for now"  Click here for full article.

Vette Magazine


"Right from the introduction of the new Camaro, ProCharger was there, measuring and designing its HO Intercooler system kit. All of its homework paid off to make for a perfect fit and easy install."

Super Chevy


"The car now sports a centrifugal blower from ProCharger pushing out a conservative 10-11 psi. Justin knows the stock LS1 long-block can handle the power, so he left well enough alone and called up Andy at DynoTune USA of Watertown, South Dakota, for a custom E85/ Flex Fuel tune. The fuel pump was upgraded, due to the massive needs of the engine, with a single Walbro pump pushing 255 liters per hour of fuel. Fuel supply at the engine is handled by a set of Motron 60 lb/hr injectors, slipped into the stock LS6 intake manifold. Boost is chilled via a pair of 4.5-inch air-to-air intercoolers, while the blower breathes through a K&N air filter. The output of all those gasses is managed through TPS 1.75-inch headers, then into a 3-inch stainless custom Y-pipe, and finally into a MagnaFlow catback system with a Dynomax bullet muffler. This combination allows the engine to create a tire-shredding 540 rear-wheel horsepower and a stump-pulling 480 lb/ft of torque."

GM High Tech Performance



"How about more than 525 flywheel horsepower on tap at the push of the pedal with no bottles to refill? The [intercooled] ProCharger supercharger system incorporates some unique features that separate it from other offerings in the GTO supercharger market."

High Performance Pontiac



"So the kit installs cleanly and uses proven technology, but how does it perform? Equipped with a modest 6 psi pulley, our test car’s output jumped from a preternaturally healthy 373 hp in stock form to a downright spooky 523. Allowing for a 15 percent loss through the Vette’s six speed manual drivetrain, we can estimate that the ProCharged C6 [stock LS2] is spinning up just over 615 horses at the flywheel."

"Cleanly packaged and gleaming in the midday sun, the finished installation looks as if it might have been performed on the line at Bowling Green."




“The real magic, of course, comes from the ProCharger centrifugal supercharger. His ’93 Chevy Caprice wagon with a 572 ci big block engine makes 1,740 hp and recently ran a 9.57 at 163 mph [weighing in 4,580 pounds with Morris on board.]”

Hot Rod



"A centrifugal supercharger is the easiest big horsepower gainer that can be added to an automotive engine. Whether it's a blowthrough carb system or on an EFI-controlled engine, bolting on a ProCharger results in instant performance."

Super Chevy



"The intercooled ProCharger centrifugal supercharger system [modified engine with F-1A] served up an astonishing 962.6 lb-ft of torque."

Motor Trend



"With 773 ProCharged horsepower on board, R. Koranki of Edmond, OK, could have hot-pink wheels on his Trans Am and he would still get our attention." [built 396-cid LS1, ProCharger D-1SC and Twin Highflow Intercooler System]

GM High Tech Performance



"With the engine back together and the F-1D installed, the crew installed a custom twin intank fuel pump setup and headed back to the dyno for one last check. Eric told us: "the goal was to make 700 rwhp on nothing other than boost, and 91 octane. Well, I am totally happy with the 745 rwhp she laid down on the second pull."

GM High Tech Performance



"My goal was to create a daily driver [2010 Camaro SS] that rode smoothly and would annihilate the tires at will, at any speed, while retaining some form of reasonable fuel mileage and, of course, all the creature comforts such as power windows, a nice stereo, A/C, etc. With today's technology, I didn't think that would be too much trouble and so the saga began. The project started off with a set of twin GT3582Rs and some where along the way, the turbo stuff, all bought and paid for, got shelved and a ProCharger F-1C found its way into the scene." With the new lungs bolted to the engine, David returned to the engine dyno and walked away with a 1,048 hp pull on just 16 psi. "I haven't put it on the chassis dyno yet, but I'm guessing it should make over 800 at the tires, which should allow me to meet and/or exceed my goals."

GM High Tech Performance



"Taking the top spot on our list is David Brooks and Late Model Racecraft, with a killer 427 cubicinch, F-1R blown 2010 Camaro. Not only is this the fastest 2010 in the country, it is also the first in the 9's, which is quite an accomplishment. On the dyno, this car made 914-rwhp through an automatic, which also puts it on top of the highest horsepower list."

GM High Tech Performance



"Of course, it sounds a bit strange when you're talking about a 2010 Camaro with just 8.0 miles on the odometer that already sports a 1,000+hp, LXR-headed, 427-cubic-inch Warhawk powerplant blown by a ProCharger F-1C."

GM High Tech Performance



"Due to its superior efficiency, centrifugal superchargers heat the air less than Roots blowers per pound of boost, thus each pound carries more oxygen molecules (something we refer to as greater mass flow). … [This means] a centrifugal supercharger is capable of supplying more power per pound of boost than a Roots blower."

Super Chevy



"The [ProCharger] system is designed to provide maximum reliable power gains on a totally stock engine."

GM High Tech Performance



“Bolting on the ProCharger also increased our gas mileage.

Sport Truck



“The ProCharger is a brute of a compressor, creating more boost pressure than any other centrifugal supercharger on the market. But the real beauty of the system is the fact that it is designed from the ground up as an intercooled system."

Corvette Fever



"It's been a flawless combination. This is pretty much my daily driver...[and] it's also been flogged pretty hard at the racetrack and by some engineers, but not even a whimper from the engine". The LS1 engine is force-fed by and Intercooled ProCharger P-1SC-1, which helps the engine produce about 540 horsepower."

Pontiac Enthusiast



“So far the Devil Ray has touched 220 mph”

“When you blast past a Lamborghini like it was standing still, there’s great satisfaction to be had in knowing that you did it effortlessly and for significantly less money.”

"Readings of 715 rwhp at 5,800 rpm and 690 lb-ft at 5,000 rpm don’t tell the tale of what a beast the ProCharged 427 really is. With a torque curve that exceeds 500 lb-ft below 3,000 rpm and averages over 600 lb-ft to redline, this motor is a torque monster par excellence."




"ProCharger is the world headquarters of supercharging"

Bret Kepner, ESPN2



“Perhaps the wildest car on the Power Tour, Mike Roy’s ATI ProCharger-urged ’71 Monte Carlo blew minds on the chassis dyno when it registered an awesome 708 rwhp and 902 lb-ft of torque (975 hp on engine dyno). But that’s nothing compared to the fact this screamer was driven the entire 1,500 mile distance, gulping nothing other than 92-octane pump gas.

Hot Rod



"The elite of Houston’s street racers have re-examined their methods and the technologies behind them.  Rapidly evolving add-on performance tools from favorite manufacturer ProCharger are tested on city streets by a dedicated group of enthusiasts."

"On its most recent test, the ’99 FRC Corvette pulled 835 hp on the Dynojet dynamometer then clocked 10.5 seconds in the quarter-mile at 141 mph, short-shifting and on severely lacking street tires.  With slicks and traction, the Corvette is easily a high-9 or low-10-second runner."

"The forced-injection motor uses a ProCharger F-1A supercharger set up to produce 17 psi. How does 835 hp feel behind the wheel of a street-tuned Corvette?  “It takes some getting used to.  The g-force is breathtaking.




“I told my best friend at that moment, that I was going to buy one ['98 Trans Am] and make it the fastest one in the world.” Three and a half years later, it was the first one in the eights with a ProCharger. Not long after that he made it into the sevens at 182 mph.."

Fastest Street Car



“How about more than 525 flywheel horsepower on tap at the push of the pedal with no bottles to refill? ATI ProCharger supercharger incorporates some unique features that separate it from other offerings in the GTO supercharger market. For example, ProChargers incorporate a self-lubrication system that does not use engine oil but rather a specifically blended oil (that should be changed every 6,000 miles) and an internal oil pump to coat the working components during startup. The pump then aerates the oil into a fine mist for optimum protection under harsh operating conditions. So, not only do you not have to punch a hole in the oil pan for an oil supply, but the use of the internal oiling system also allows the ProCharger to operate at a cooler temperature, since it's not circulating hot engine oil through the aluminum housing."

"ProCharger also incorporates a stepped bearing design meaning it uses two different size bearings on the impeller driveshaft to help equalize the thrust load, which adds to the longevity of the unit. Note the aggressive step-up gearing that drives the impeller also allows the use of pullies to create the same amount of boost as a smaller pulley would in other systems, yet still provide for a generous amount of belt wrap to prevent slippage. ProCharger's air-to-air intercooler is a maintenance-free unit utilizing a straight-forward approach to intercooling but with some unique engineering built in."

High Performance Pontiac



"With a goal of 800 hp on the stock block [LS2]—exactly twice the factory rating—the combo’s big hitter is a ProCharger Intercooled supercharger kit, which was outfitted at the factory with an upsized D-1SC head unit to facilitate boost levels of up to 12 psi.  The excellent ProCharger intercooler keeps the intake-air temperatures from ever exceeding 120 degrees, even when hot-lapped."

"The boost from the ProCharger is almost instantaneous, and once the cam gets into the heart of the wide torque curve, the car is a handful.  Even with the extremely high heat and humidity of Houston, the car has been a paragon of reliability. Whether driving on the clogged arteries to and from Houston or displaying the potential to turn mid-10-second e.t.’s at the local drag strip, this C6 manages the balance between all-out race car and luxury cruiser with aplomb.  ProCharger magic raises the stock-block LS2’s rear-wheel output from 350 hp to a staggering 706 horses at 6,400 rpm.  The torque curve is almost linear in nature and crests at 606 lb-ft at 5,300 rpm."




"ProCharger is the only gear driven centrifugal blower with self-lubrication. That way you don’t have to top into your engine’s oil system. Whether it’s for the street or the strip, a supercharger is going to make more power, more safely with an intercooler."

Horsepower TV



"The heart of any supercharging kit is the supercharger. The ProCharger P-1SC and D-1SC are both self-contained superchargers. The patented SC design utilizes a special oil pump that aerates the oil to create an oil mist for lubrication necessary for the bearings and gears. SC ProChargers are lubricated by a special, high-quality synthetic oil, engineered for high-speed use. This eliminates the heat transfer from the engine oil to the supercharger, and also eliminates any chance of contamination of the engine’s oil should the supercharger experience a failure. The SC design also means there’s no need to punch a hole in the Corvette’s oil pan."

"We ran the car on the dyno and were pleasantly treated to 644 hp at 5,700 rpm, with 609 lb-ft of torque at 5,000 rpm." With the system completed, it’s hard to tell the power potential that resides under the covers. The system looks great and performs even better."

Corvette Fever



"Just one romp of the throttle from a standstill, it becomes quite clear that the centrifugal blower is every bit the equal of a roots blower when it comes to low-end grunt".

Popular Hot Rodding



"The C5 supercharger system looks great, with a finely polished, very handsome compressor that mounts to the LS1 (also LS6) on the right-front corner via an exquisite CNC-machined and highly polished billet aluminum bracket that just happens to also look bullet-proof."

"...the blown and intercooled C5 is making 533.4 horsepower and 516.2 lb-ft of torque—50-state emissions legal."

"In this sample, the air temperature increased by 103 degrees as it was supercharged (compressed), and the intercoolers reduced the temperature of the air charge by 83 degrees. If my calculations are correct, the intercoolers extracted roughly 80.6 percent of the heat created by the supercharging process. Sounds good to me." "The C5 has a sort of Jekyll and Hyde temperament now. Driven moderately, it acts like any other C5. It doesn’t run hot and it doesn’t ping or show any rude behavior traits. It’s absolutely, well, normal. Until you go to wide open throttle—and then the raging beast takes over in a rush of sound and fury that’s all the more impressive out of a mild-mannered, silver convertible. I like it, a lot! This is definitely an instance where a manufacturer’s claims are not just so much hot air."