Dodge Charger 2005-2010 H.O. System Installation
Front Fascia
Remove the six panel fasteners from the
top side of the front fascia.
Using a 5/16” drill bit, drill out the six
(three on each side) plastic pop rivets
connecting the front fender wells to the
front fascia.
Remove the four 10mm bolts (two on
each side) from the lower fascia to fender
Remove the remaining two 10mm bolts
(one on each side) from the front fascia,
located on the top corner of the fascia,
accessed from the engine bay.
On the passenger’s side of the vehicle,
disconnect the wiring harness running to
the front fascia. This will eliminate having
to unplug the fog lamps and turn signals
Remove the front fascia from the vehicle
by pulling down on each side, unsnapping
the fascia, then pulling the fascia straight
off the front of the vehicle.
Tech Tip:
If you have optional head light
squirters, the line feeding the solution
must be disconnected from the front
fascia before removal.
Stock Component Removal
Fascia Connections (Pass. Side)
Plastic Rivets
10mm bolt
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