Dodge Charger 2005-2010 H.O. System Installation
ProCharger Extended Coverage
The ProCharger Extended Coverage Program
extends the ProCharger warranty coverage for an
additional twenty-four (24) months, for a total of
thirty-six (36) months or three years of coverage.
This extended coverage applies to parts for the
ProCharger supercharger head unit only and
does not include other system components.
With your extended coverage registration,
you will receive two (2) additional boxes of
ProCharger Supercharger oil.
Under the extended coverage program,
Accessible Technologies, Inc. (ATI) will repair or
replace any component within the supercharger
head unit which is found to be defective. Only
the supercharger head unit itself is included in
the extended coverage.
Service under the extended coverage program is
obtained through the same process as described
in the Limited Warranty.
Race kits are not eligible for the ProCharger
Extended Coverage Plan
To qualify for the ProCharger Extended
• Only the original owner of the ProCharger
supercharger is eligible.
• Completion of the Extended Coverage
Registration Form is required, along with
a $49 registration fee. This form must be
completed in its entirety, and must be
submitted along with payment within 30 days
from the date of original purchase from your
local dealer or date of shipment from the
• Participants must have a ProCharger P‑1SC,
P‑1SC‑1, C1, or C2 supercharger head
unit using the maximum warranted boost
level. All terms and conditions within “The
Limited Warranty” apply. Acts resulting in
disqualification include but are not limited to
the following:
- Disassembly or modification the
ProCharger supercharger.
- Removal or attempted removal of the
ProCharger drive pulley(s).
- Removal or attempted removal of
the ProCharger supercharger serial
number plate.
- Removal or attempted removal of the
compressor housing or transmission
• Participants agree to properly maintain
the ProCharger supercharger and provide
proof of compliance with the following
recommended maintenance:
- Change the ProCharger supercharger
oil after the initial break-in period of
500 miles (automotive) or 15 hours
- Change the ProCharger supercharger
oil every 6,000 miles after the initial
break-in period.
- Use only the specified amount of
ProCharger Supercharger oil in the
ProCharger supercharger.
- Inspect and clean the magnetic
drain plug at every ProCharger
supercharger oil change.
- Check the ProCharger supercharger oil
level frequently.
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