Dodge Charger 2005-2010 H.O. System Installation
ProCharger Oil Level
The ProCharger supercharger’s oil level must
be checked periodically to ensure the proper
lubrication. The dipstick can be loosened
using a flat blade screwdriver or a coin. When
installed, the oil level should remain between the
minimum (MIN) and maximum (MAX) indicators
at all times.
Filling the ProCharger higher
than the maximum level on the dipstick
can lead to bearing and seal damage.
The supercharger is a sealed unit and
should not normally require the addition
of oil between service intervals. If
excessive usage is noted, the unit should
be sent to ATI for inspection and repair.
The dipstick fitting should be firmly
tightened after changing or checking the
oil level.
When removing the dipstick, be sure to retain
the nylon washer. A spare nylon washer and
o-ring is included. Use only the ATI supplied
nylon washer and o-ring when servicing the oil
dipstick and drain plug. A discoloration of the oil
and residue on the drain plug may occur during
the initial oil changes. This is normal and will
gradually decrease. For the proper positioning
of the ProCharger supercharger, the serial tag
should be pointing upwards. Installing the
ProCharger supercharger in another position
will cause inadequate oiling and supercharger
failure. If you have any questions about the
maintenance of your supercharger, contact ATI.
Drain Plug
(hex head)
Sealed Plug
(socket head)
(flat head)
Sealed Plug
(socket head)
Operation and Maintenance
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