Dodge Charger 2005-2010 H.O. System Installation
Operation and Maintenance
Cold Starting
Never race your engine and ProCharger
supercharger when your engine is cold. Allow
the water temperature to climb into operating
range for several minutes before driving above
2,500 rpm, to ensure adequate oil lubrication.
Fuel Quality
With a properly installed intercooled ProCharger
supercharger system, detonation should not
occur. For the best performance and reliability,
use premium grade fuel (91 octane or higher).
Listen for signs of detonation after refueling,
and after replacement or modification of any
fuel system component(s). If detonation occurs,
reduce the throttle and locate the source.
Ignition System Maintenance
If your spark plugs are more than a year old or
have more than 10,000 miles logged, you should
consider changing them before driving your
vehicle under load. Spark plug wires should be
changed if visibly damaged or when resistance
exceeds factory specifications.
Air Filter Maintenance
Your air filters should be cleaned periodically,
potentially as often as every 10,000 miles
or 6 months, even though a service interval
of 50,000 - 100,000 miles is quoted by the
manufacturer under normal driving conditions.
A clogged air filter will result in decreased boost
levels and vehicle performance. Be sure to re-
oil the cleaned filter before re-installing. Always
operate your vehicle with an air filter, failure to
do so may result in damage to your ProCharger
supercharger and personal injury!
Belt Replacement
The serpentine belt, which turns your ProCharger
supercharger, will stretch after initial run-in, and
should be retightened after the first hundred
miles. Tighten the belt sufficiently to avoid
slippage, but do not overtighten. Overtightening
the belt could cause damage to the ProCharger
supercharger’s precision bearings. When re-
installing the belt, use the belt routing diagram
in this manual. If you reuse a thrown belt and
find that it needs frequent re-tightening, the
belt is damaged and should be replaced. Gates
Micro‑V belts can be bought from ATI or from
your local parts store.
ProCharger Oil Change Intervals
The first oil change should be performed at 500
miles and at 6,000 mile intervals thereafter. Clean
drain plug after every oil change. Drain oil by
removing the drain plug. Clean off drain plug
before re-installing.
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