Dodge Charger 2005-2010 H.O. System Installation
Stock Component Removal
Remove the four 13mm bolts securing the
radiator cradle (two on each side of the
vehicle). Pull the cradle straight down out
of the vehicle.
Tech Tip:
At this point, the radiator will
be hanging with no support. Support this
using a jack/jackstands/etc.
Remove the two 10mm bolts (one on each
side of the vehicle) securing the upper
radiator mounts. Remove the mounts from
the vehicle for later use.
Remove the upper radiator plastic trim by
pulling the trim away from the sheetmetal
tabs securing it to the radiator. This will
not be re-installed.
Radiator Cradle Bolts (Pass. Side)
Radiator Upper Mount Bolts (Driver’s Side)
Upper Radiator Plastic Trim
Radiator Trim
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