Dodge Charger 2005-2010 H.O. System Installation
Stock Component Removal
Power Steering Cooler
Remove the power steering cooler from
the condenser by placing the appropriate
tool behind the bracket and prying
off (both sides). Do not damage the
condenser core.
Unclip the power steering line on each
side of the cooler from the plastic clips,
located on each side of the radiator.
Tech Tip:
It is easiest to disconnect the
power steering line from the driver’s side
of the cooler, route the line below the
frame rail, and reconnect the line until
later modifications (allowing the cooler
to hang below the vehicle). This gives
more room to work, and decreases the
chances of damaging the cooler during
intercooler installation.
Using a 10mm socket, remove the factory
horns and horn brackets (one on each
side). Unplug the wiring harnesses from
the horns and remove the horns from
the brackets using a 13mm wrench. The
brackets will no longer be used, however,
retain the factory hardware for later use.
Power Steering Cooler Removal
(SRT8 Cooler Shown)
Horn Locations
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