Big Power Racing in Bay Shore, NY has been raising the bar at the New York Auto Show each year, for the past five years, and this year was going to be no exception. When Chris with Big Power Racing contacted us to let us know that for 2016, most of the vehicles in the booth would be ProCharged and to see if we would be interested in coming to the show, we jumped at the opportunity.

ProCharger supercharged C7's have already pushed the power numbers to 700, 800, 900, 1400+ HP and beyond, but we aren't done yet! Click here to learn more.

From Daytona Bike Week, to NHRA Top Fuel V-twins, this blog covers major two wheel action!

Part of being a "car guy" or "car gal" is the goal of having the fastest car around. Now that could mean anything from having the fastest car on the block, fastest car in your city, or just maybe the entire country. But no matter what your goal is, having the power to out run the car next to you is always in the back of our minds.

If you love drag racing you already know this is when all the winter projects stop, and it't time to hit the track. With so many events happening these days, and many of them being covered live via the Internet, it's almost hard to pick which event to watch.

ProCharger has always brought out the best supercharger systems for trucks with reliable big power numbers on pump gas! And we have no added even more kits to the line up!

The ProCharger i-1 has literally redefined the book on supercharging, by creating an all new category of supercharger. The category is best described as a "Variable Ratio Centrifugal Compressor", and now it's ready for Corvette C7 owners!

ProCharger racers throw down at Lights Out 7 Honestly, we don't even know where to begin to start writing. So many ProCharger racers had such awesome results from this race event, this blog could turn into a full blown book. Let's start off with talking about the main highlights of wins,

It seems we can't stop writing blogs about additions to the DCX line up, and today is no different. No matter if you are bolting on 200HP worth of power in your garage, or building an all-out race car, we have you covered.

It's the moment we have waited all winter for... Racing season is 100% officially upon us, with one race already in the books (US Street Nationals) and more coming this weekend.