One of the most antcipated and talked about automotive line ups this year was the new 2015 HEMI platforms. With ProCharger superchargers being the undisputed forced induction leader for the HEMI platform, our engineers couldn't wait to get these systems ready for our customers.  Well the day has come, so if you're ready to feel the rush that an extra 200HP can deliver, keep on reading.  

If you were at Sturgis for the 75 you also got to be a part of ProCharger's 10 year anniversary at the Rally. As usual there was no shortage of ProCharger V-twin power at this year's event.

Big word all over the internet was the "Super Bowl" between the NMRA and NMCA sanctioning bodies, as they collided in Joliet, IL. for an all out festival of heads up horsepower.  This event was so large, even the Internet live steam from was out of control with people watching and Internet chatter. 

After putting in the hours of blood sweat and tears, we know there are two very important moments at the end of your project. #1) Finally being able to drive it for the first time and #2) Being able to show it off.   Well that first part is in your hands, however we can help you on the second part.

When Jeep first introduced the 4,800lb SUV known as the "SRT8" to the masses, we doubt the first thing people thought was, "Lets make this a 1000hp, 9-second Supercharged Truck". Over the years though, these heavy weight Grand Cherokees have become a force to be reckoned with on both the street, and at the track.  

Here at ProCharger if its one thing we love it's BOOST! However what we enjoy even more is getting out to events across the country and being able to see our customers builds in person. Being able to hear the stories behind the builds always makes the trip worth it.

For over a decade now, (and millions of supercharged miles later), ProCharger is STILL the undisputed HP leader when it comes to C6 Corvettes, ranging from 600hp to over 1,600HP!

The ProCharger V-Twin Team is busy getting ready for our annual trip to the land of Famous Faces. The 75th Sturgis rally also marks the 10th straight year ProCharger has been attending. ProCharger has been leading the pack for over 20 years providing the best and baddest Intercooled Supercharger Systems out there.

We started the last drag racing blog post with lots of NHRA action in the RaceDrive blog, so lets change it up with some heads up supercharged action.  From coast to coast, customers with ProCharger superchargers have been bringing home the wins.  So lets get down to the details starting with…

When you buy your brand new muscle car or truck want a supercharger, you can count on the engineering team at ProCharger superchargers to deliver.  Earlier this year we released systems for 2015 Mustangs, 2015 Corvettes and 2015 GM Truck and SUV's.  With loads of customer enjoying those systems, it is time to add a few more to the "2015 model year is available" list.