To account for the increased material cost impact outside of our control, ProCharger is implementing an additional 4.8% surcharge on all products effective 01/28/22

ProCharger now gives you the ability to bolt on up to 50% more power to your 2021 5.3L and 6.2L Chevrolet or GMC Truck. That is the kinda tire ripping power you can feel in the seat of your pants.

Each and every year, ProCharger makes sure to pack our PRI booth with real-deal, ready to rock and roll, kick-butt horsepower...and this year was no different!

ProCharger Racers put up big numbers in 2021! Not just on the scoreboards, but also the record books and their team bank accounts. The sheer numbers of wins alone came in at over 200 this year, which is downright awesome!

The holidays are here and gifting for you boost-enthusiasts can be a challenge, because you like expensive toys! Well, let your loved ones know there is a more affordable way to show off your fandom with ProCharger merch!

Ryan Martin takes home the 2021 NPK Championship! It comes as no shocker to anyone that follows the NPK series that Ryan Martin and his crew were set on winning this year's Championship from the start.

The wait is finally over, and it's SO worth it! ProCharger superchargers is happy to announce the world's first supercharger system for the C8 Corvettes is NOW SHIPPING!

Congratulations are the first thing we need to say, to Jose and the entire Q80 Racing team. 

It’s a simple fact of physics: cooler air makes more power. On street-driven vehicles, air-to-air intercooling is a natural fit because it locates the intercooler at the front of the vehicle where it is exposed to a constant supply of cooling airflow. 

Imagine having 50% more power to tow, 50% more power when you push the pedal to pass, or maybe just 50% more power to play when you are off-road.