Tech-in with ProCharger : A behind the scenes / tech video series!

Here at ProCharger, we understand people LOVE video content, so our marketing team has been working overtime to deliver informative and (hopefully) entertaining video content. We call our new video series "Tech-in With ProCharger" and you can check them out on our Facebook page of the same name, "Tech-In With ProCharger". The goal is to bring you current news, product information, behind the scenes, special guests, and maybe even some burnouts on Tech-In With ProCharger. Below are the initial Tech-In videos, if you haven’t seen them already. We hope you enjoy watching them, and make sure to subscribe to our Youtube Channel HERE

All the big three trucks get ProCharged + Tools with Tyler:

We bring you another Tools With Tyler and Tech Tips With Serg, along with supercharging the BIG Three 2020 trucks—GM, Ram and Ford. Can we start a Go-Fund-Me so host Erik can get one for himself?

Air Force One and a Green Mustang:

A look behind the scenes of our industrial division Inovair and how Air Force One and and waste water treatment helps build durability and power into ProCharger superchargers. These things run 24/7 for over 10 YEARS! Plus, supercharging the Bullitt Mustang and taking it for a drive!

ProCharged Muscle Cars, Made in the U.S.A & a Bone Stock '04 Mustang Mach:

Join us for a tour through the Kansas City Auto Museum for its Muscle Car Month display, then Erik models a new ProCharger hoodie that you can get in our merch store. 

Tools with Tyler, Fireballs and Ice Storms:

Announcing the winners of the Mustang dyno baseline contest, but not until we have another episode of Tools With Tyler. We also begin the installation of a supercharger system on a Jeep Gladiator, and Erik becomes a member of The Chipmunks to promote apparel! 

Supercharging Twin Mustangs, Supra sounds & Free Shirts:

Behind the scenes action in ProCharger's dyno room, where we take testing of model year upgrades seriously, then we head down to Louisiana to go No-Prep Racing. Also listen to the banshee shreak of a Firebird drag car with a ProCharged, mechanically injected Toyota engine. You gotta hear this one!

2020-2019 GM Truck's & ProCharged Lights Out 11 Winners:

The Devil went down to Georgia and he was looking for some trophies to win—and that's exactly what ProCharger racers did.

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