Over $100,000 up for grabs, when racing with ProCharger!


Racers know the deal: there’s usually not a ton of prize money for winning a race, be it on the drag strip, road course, or wherever their need for speed takes them. No, the real money is in contingency. For years now, manufacturers have offered contingency money to winners and runners-up in most of the sanctioning bodies. Each sanctioning body is different but as a general policy, if you win a race event overall and are using both the product and displaying the sponsor sticker, that manufacturer cuts you a check. The runner-up (second place) also gets a check, albeit a smaller one.

It’s not uncommon to win far more in contingency than the purse, sometimes by a factor of 4 or more (win $500 in purse and potentially $2,000 in contingency). ProCharger is one of those manufacturers that pays contingency in several sanctioning bodies and classes. Most racers aren’t in it for the money since, come on, unless you’re at the John Force level it’s unlikely that racing will make you rich—usually quite the opposite. It’s more about the thrill of competition and the lust for speed, but a little prize money sure helps to pay for travel costs, spare parts, fuel, tools and that sort of thing.

Brad Schehr - Current E/T Record for NMRA Modified Street

2020 events list for ProCharger payouts:

Here is a chart of the series that ProCharger pays contingency in. Check them out and make a run for our cash! Of course, you have to win before we can pay you, and the best way to do that is to run a ProCharger!

Event NameNumber of EventsClassesWinnerR/UTotal
Modern Hemi Shootout1110$150$75$24,750
NHRA Sportsman/nat'l event122$300$100$9,600
NHRA Sportsman/divisional442$200$100$26,400
NHRA Pro Mod121$500$100$7,200
Grand Total    $104,050


Bryan LaFlam - NHRA National Event, Seattle, WA - Top Sportsman


NHRA describes it as “Since the earliest days of drag racing in the 1950s, manufacturers and racers have enjoyed a mutually beneficial partnership in the form of the NHRA contingency program. The premise of the program is simple: racers who purchase and use a particular companies’ products and also display the approved decal are rewarded each time they post a win or a runner-up (or, on some occasions, a semifinal finish). The proper use of products and decals from members of the contingency program often results in thousands of dollars over and above the posted prize money for a particular event.”

A good story about the ins and outs of their contingency program can be found HERE.


Those are the words NHRA used to describe this wonderful event scheduled to take place on September 2-7th in Indianapolis. For over 25 years we have been dedicated to building the world’s greatest centrifugal superchargers on the planet, and for years dominated in many NHRA classes, such as Top Fuel Harley, Top Dragster, and Top Sportsman. However, in 2020 ProChargers will help supercharge teams to victory in the NHRA Pro Mod class. 

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