The ProCharger supercharged C8 Corvettes get even MORE track time!

Having one company R&D car is good, but two...oh so better! 

Data, Data, and more's what testing is all about here at ProCharger superchargers. And what better way to get that done, than to have DOUBLE the amount of data with two company-owned C8 Corvettes for our engineering teams to use on the street, the dyno, and the track. In this week's blog post we will tease you with a great video of the sights and sounds from the latest road course adventure. Without more delay, let's get to the video and the details!

Taking orders now, for those to be first to supercharge!

ProCharger was the very first supercharger manufacturer to offer intercooled kits for C7, C6, C5, and C4 Corvettes, so it’s no surprise that we are at the forefront of development on a supercharger kit for the 2020 C8!  Thanks to the engineers at ProCharger, you can now add 225+ more horsepower to an otherwise stock C8 Corvette (including stock exhaust). That's right, the car that is already making waves with the performance numbers coming from its LT2 now can get a major boost in performance.

  HO Intercooled Tuner Kit Plus (w/timing control) P-1SC-1  6 psi  180+   1KC332-SCI
  HO Intercooled Tuner Kit w/ P-1SC-1  specify  specify  1KC302-SCI
  Stage II Tuner Kit (w/port injection option) P-1SC-1  6-9 psi  180 - 225+  1KC212-SCI

Tuner Kit: (No tuning or fuel components provided)
Tuner Kit PLUS: (with timing control)

HO Intercooled Tuner Kit

  • Produces the coolest charge air temps and largest power gains
  • Bolt-on installation (no cutting or trimming)
  • Easiest installation, only requiring common hand tools 
  • The air-to-water intercooler system
  • CNC Billet intake manifold
  • Robust CNC billet bracket system
  • Self-contained head unit 

HO Intercooled Tuner Kit Plus

  • Adds timing control
  • Boost set to 6psi

Stage II Intercooled Tuner Kit

  • Boost set to 6-9psi
  • Intake manifold can be outfitted with port injection

Optional Upgrades Include

  • Polished, or Black supercharger and bracket finish
  • Helical Gearset for noise reduction
  • Injector bungs and fuel rail for intake manifold for port fueling (Stage II only) 
  • Black finish for intake manifold (raw finish standard)
  • Black finish for intake manifold cover (raw finish standard)
  • Supercharger upgrades such as P-1X, D-1SC and D-1X
  • Carbon fiber upgrades

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Ready for the rush of a C8 with 225+ more HP?

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