Marine Superchargers - New 525HP Systems, New 496 Systems, and MORE!

The best season is upon us...BOAT SEASON!

With over 20 years of experience ProCharging marine applications, we are excited to announce some new stuff coming down the pipeline for 2019.  So, if you love hearing the sounds of supercharged V-8's running wide open down the channel, and want your boat to be one of them, then climb aboard this blog and enjoy! 

Spy shot #1: From the dyno room - 525HP EFI!

Normally we don't start a blog off with a spy shot of what's coming up... but, this one was too good to keep hidden. We have had loads of customers asking us for a brand new 525HP supercharger system that would fit their needs. To answer this demand, our engineers are pleased to announce a brand new kit with tons of amazing features beyond the HUGE power gains it makes. 

Do you have twin or triple engines? Have no fear, we designed this billet bracket system to fit even the tightest of engine bays. Combined with a full race ready fuel system and ProCharger PCM programming, these systems will be making owners smile for years to come! 

HUGE PUMP GAS POWER: For 496 Mag and 496 Mag HO's!

A few years ago we revamped our 2005 and newer Mercury 496 supercharger systems to make even MORE prop turning horsepower. This wasn't just slapping a new sticker on it and calling it a day.  We updated the supercharger head unit, the bracket system, revised PCM programming, and even a new intercooler was added. It was all done in the name of MORE POWER!

How much power? Bolt on up to 40% or more power, and big MPH on PUMP GAS!  Yes, we are talking BIG TIME power/speed gains that you can put to the water.  No matter if you are a marine service center or the DIY kind of boat owner, there is no easier way to add this amount of power/speed than with a ProCharger supercharger system.  With just 5psi of intercooled boost from an M-1SC supercharger head unit, customers can enjoy 595+ dyno proven horsepower from their 496 MAG HO's (550+ hp 496 MAG).  

So, for those of you that have 2001-2004 model year engines, the time has come for you to join in the fun. We are pleased to announce our engineers have updated our early model 496's with those same changes listed above to these earlier models. Some of the key features of these systems are...

  • ProCharger specific PCM555 ECU calibration
  • High flow fuel systems 
  • High-efficiency self-contained M-1SC supercharger, for maximum HP per psi.
  • Highly effective air-to-water intercooler system, for cool air charge temps
  • Dedicated supercharger drive system, with automatic tensioner
  • Installs with common hand-tools while at dock or trailered

Customer submitted video: - Imagine the look on faces when this Cobalt comes ripping down the lake at 70+ mph! 

No matter what year 496 you have sitting in your dock (or trailer), ProCharger supercharger systems give you the "best bang for the buck" bolt-on power gain you can buy.   We are talking up to 50% more horsepower without ever changing a single part inside the engine. We love these boosted 496 Mercruiser engines, so much so that we are coming out with even more fun toys. That brings us to our next topic. 

Spy Shot #2: Boost on the FLY (i-1 ProCharger testing)

Ever dreamed of being able to adjust your boost on the fly?  Wish you could have the freedom to turn the boost UP or DOWN  when you want, at the touch of a button?   You don't have to dream anymore; the i-1 ProCharger packs the efficiency of a centrifugal and a boost curve you can custom tailor to your needs.  If you want to know more about this amazing technology, please visit our i-1 website by clicking HERE.  

Now you are probably thinking, "why would I ever turn the power down"?  Maybe premium grade fuel isn't available at the lake that day, but you still wanna go wide open throttle.  Or, maybe a friend is borrowing the boat and you want to turn the power down, and lock it with a password.  Yes, we said each i-1 system has the ability to use a 4 digit password to protect against accidental boost level changes.   

We are in the middle of our multi-year durability stress test of the amazing i-1 ProCharger supercharger system for 496 HO and 496 MAG HO powered vessels.  Keep your eyes peeled for more details as we roll these systems out soon.  (Here is an image of one of the test fleet boats doing salt water testing in the San Fran bay) 

Want to be the talk of the dock and bolt on big MPH gains?

GIve us a call or email us below to further discuss ProCharging your specific Marine application or, for a list of ProCharger Marine Performance Dealers in your area. We will be happy to assist you with any technical questions you may have about our systems, and results you can expect. Thanks for reading and happy boating! 

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