ProCharger knocks the roof off SEMA 2016!

RECOVERY MODE: Is what happens post-SEMA...

Every single person that enters the doors of the SEMA show in Las Vegas, has either put in countless hours or is about to...or BOTH.  No matter if you spent months perfecting every detail of an award winning ride, or fine tuned the last details of the product you are launching.... EVERYONE tries to take it all in, mustering whatever energy they have left in them. The show might only last 4 days, but let's be honest there is no WAY to take all of the action in.  So to fill in some of the things you may have missed, we got you covered with this weeks blog... 

ProCharger Superchargers right front and center...

The booth each year is packed, however, this year SEMA was rocking at a whole new level.  Often during the show, it was hard to find an open spot of carpet in the booth, from all the foot traffic.  Seems everyone was having a blast checking out this year's products, cars/bikes, and celebrities.  

Honestly, we want to stop and thank each and every person that came by the booth and chatted with us.  We loved hearing about your shop/business, your projects, and everything in between. Here are some general shots of the booth and the excitement that filled the air. 

Supercharged Monsters in the booth...

We jammed the booth with a little something for everyone as they say.  From high power street engines on the stands, to 3 modern powerhouse street cars, and even a wild blown custom Harley.  Let's break down exactly what you could see in the booth..starting with the Shelby GT-350 that "broke the internet" as it did huge burnouts at Mustang Week this year. This car shows off the very same system we make for GT-350 and GT-350R mustangs.

This 6th generation Camaro from The Custom Shop was a true crowd stopper, with its STG2 supercharger system.

Another point of discussion was the new ProCharger LT-1 swap system, featuring our billet intake manifold.
This supercharger system is perfect for those swapping GM crate engines into early muscel cars and trucks. 

How about a 155 rwhp custom bagger from Camtech Custom Baggers...
If that supercharged horsepower number didn't get your attention, that custom paint sure did. 

This year the NMRA Coyote Modified class championship was clinched by ProCharger supercharger racer Joe Guertin.
And here you can see a similar motor/blower/intercooler combo on display in the booth.  

HEMI lovers could feast their eyes on this 5.7L Challenger that puts down massive power with its supercharger system.
We offer both 5.7L and 6.4L HEMI systems, for Shaker and none-shaker cars and trucks! 

Even though the new F-3X-143 was on the top of the pyramid display, we had the F-3R-136 "cut-away" where all could see the inner workings. This is the unit to have for making power power, taking home wins, and setting records. 

Lights, Cameras, BOOST...

Well, maybe we provided the lights, but you all provided the cameras.  This year plenty of celebrities of the auto industry stopped by the booth to chat about boost, sign autographs, and talk story with fellow fans.  Here are some highlights from the show that we caught on camera. 

More ProCharger Supercharged Monsters from the Show...

We couldn't catch all of the ProCharger blown rides at the show, since it is nearly impossible to cover all that ground in just a few days.  Here are some highlights below, and a link to 256 more high res images!


Want more details on a ProCharger for your ride? 

Just drop us a quick email or phone call to our sales, tech, or racing staff and we will be happy to help.  Our phone lines are open M-F 8:30am to 5:30pm CST, and email is always open at 

Thanks for reading, see you all next SEMA!