ProCharger adds 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT to the line up!

What's better than 6.4 liters of supercharged HEMI? 

Well, how about one that has room for the family and all wheel drive! ProCharged Jeep owners are enjoying 0-60 mph times that rival some of the best supercars out there, yet can still enjoy taking the kids to soccer.  Here at ProCharger, we have bolt-on supercharger systems designed to take these amazing performance SUVs and turn them into all-out boulevard brawlers. We truly put the "Sport" in "Sport Utlity Vehicle."

We are pleased to announce we are now taking orders for the 2017 model year! 

So le's dive into more details about this epic combination of performance and utlity.

0-60 times in mid 3 seconds! 

Let's say the guy next door just got a new Corvette...well, on a good track and with sticky tires, it should run in the 3.7-second range for 0-60 mph.  Now imagine your SUV being able to match that, all day, every day, stoplight after stoplight.  Not many things feel as exciting as this SUV clawing all four tires into the asphalt, as it propels 5,100+ lbs to supercar performance numbers.  Not only will it take your breath away, but it will for everyone riding with you as well.   

0-60 times*
ProCharged Jeep SRT = 3.4 seconds**
Shelby GT500 = 3.5 seconds
Challenger Hellcat = 3.6 seconds
Corvette C7 = 3.8 seconds
Mustang GT = 4.4 seconds
Camaro SS = 4.7 seconds

*Based on Manufacture claims
**100% stock truck (with exception of Intercooled ProCharger system), stock tires and exhaust, stock system

"Hellacious" power gains on low boost!

Thanks to our efficient head units and highly effective air-to-air intercooler systems, ProChargers bolt-on supercharger system develop up to and beyond 160+ HP with just 7psi of boost!  Yes, even on this low boost and high-quality premium pump fuel we are talking 680+ ground ripping horsepower* with our full systems.  For those that want to do your own tuning, run E85, more boost, and/or add additional engine modifications, we have you covered as well. For the truly addicted horsepower junkies out there, we offer tuner kits that can be purchased without tuning or fuel components, allowing the customer to dial in the system for his HP for his or her specific application. These kits offer a variety of head units ranging from our standard P-1SC-1 all the way to the Multi-Championship winning F-1A-94 head units.  For pushing the power levels, we also have two different intercooler options for these WK2 Jeeps.  

* HP rating based on 23.82% drivetrain loss (rated 470 flywheel HP to 358 rear wheel HP)

Industry-leading OEM fit and finish and 100% removable!

Like all ProCharger systems, a great deal of time went into the engineering/design of this WK2 supercharger system before releasing it to the public.  This attention to detail helped to ensure not only easy installation, but also an OEM fit and finish to the product.  

For customers that want to keep their SRTs in pristine condition, you can breathe a sigh of relief...since these supercharger kits do not require any permanent modifications in order to be installed on your Jeep!  That's right: the entire system is fully removable if you chose to sell or trade your SUV down the road.  

How about a 10-second daily driver?

We know not EVERYONE is going to use these ProCharger systems to the extreme, though the system was designed with that capability in mind.  A great example of this is Justin Stryker and his obsession with being one of the fastest Jeeps in the country.  Even though this truck blows the doors off competitors at events, completed the entire Hot Rod Power Tour, and takes Justin to work every day...Justin isn't done yet!  Here in the office, we wonder when this full weight 5,300+ lb truck will soon crack into the 9's, and in true Justin fashion, be driven home with the stereo and the AC blasting...time will tell.  

Justin relies on a ProCharger F-1A-94 supercharger to provide enough boost to make 950 all wheel HP!

Ready to turn your Jeep SRT Grand Cherokee into a supercharged monster?

Drop us a line and we'll show you the way. We're happy to answer any questions you have about this system or any other ProCharger supercharger system in our vast product lineup.

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