ProCharged Slingshots hit the Streets!

WARNING: Smoking (Tire) could be hazardous to your health...

Actually, we are willing to bet it will be just the opposite! Though if you drive a ProCharger supercharged Slingshot and experience an adrenaline rush lasting more than 3 hours, you may want to consult a physician. All joking aside these three-wheeled performance machines are flat out amazing to drive in stock form, however adding some supercharged HP brings them to a whole new level.  Let's dive into the details in this week's blog...

55% Power Gain at just 8psi of Boost...

Yes, with just a mere 8psi of intercooled boost gains up to and over 55% are possible on normal run of the mill premium (91/93 octane) pump fuel! Thanks to ProChargers massive air-to-air front mount intercooler and highly efficient all new CS-1 supercharger head unit, big reliable horsepower is the end result.

Power is instant and linear with no lag or delay.  Simply drive your slingshot just as you did before, except every throttle input you give will result in a rush of extra HP at a moments notice.  No delay, No hiccups, No Drama...just instant raw power. 

DIY Friendly install...

Yes, this ProCharger supercharger system is a 100% "bolt-on" system that requires no permanent modifications to your Polaris Slingshot.  And best of all it can be done in the garage with common hand tools.  However for those that would like a more "turn-key" approach please contact us, so that we can get you in touch with a dealer nearest you to perform the install. 

ProCharger supercharger systems even come complete with ECU/PCM reprogramming optimized for the supercharger system. This means you have a proper calibration for all the extra horsepower, yet retain all factory functions and driveability.


Want to see a ProCharged SLR up close and personal? 

This next week live at the SEMA show the brand new Polaris SLR will be debuted in the Rockford Fosgate booth featuring a ProCharger supercharger system!  Just like Polaris teamed up with world renowned Rockford Fosgate to take their audio to the next level, Rockford Fosgate teamed up with ProCharger to make sure engine performance matched this SRL's audio performance.  

Click Image to locate the Rockford Fosgate SEMA Booth #11839

Taking and shipping orders NOW! 

If you are as excited about supercharged Slingshots as we are, drop us a line now and get in on the intro pricing special going on (for a limited time)

We can answer any questions you might have about boost, for this application or any car or truck we make a system for.  Thanks for reading, we look forward to talking to you soon.  

ProCharger superchargers can be reached via phone M-F 8:30am-5:30pm CST at 913-338-2886 and our email is always open at