Post PRI Supercharged Wrap up! (Photo Overload!)

This 2017 PRI show turned up the Boost!

With it being an anniversary year for the PRI show, we expected the excitement to be in full swing.  However, just moments after the doors opened, it became clear that this would be the 3 busiest days in the race season.  We also know that not everyone can make it to the show, so this blog will give you all some of the highlights from our booth and beyond.  Without delay, please enjoy the blog! 

A tale of two Camaros...

What better way to show off the diversity in how our racers use ProCharger supercharger power, then showcasing two similar cars, that couldn't be more different?  We know that sounds odd by saying "same but different" but it's perfectly true.   Both are 1969 Camaros, both feature F3 ProChargers, both ready for 250+ mph, and both are absolutely rolling art.   While one has torn up the vast expanses of highways, airports and the salt flats...the other is designed to do the same, just in 1,320 or 660 feet of dragstrip.

The Big Red Camaro lives the life of "The World's Most Famous Camaro" as Hot Rod magazine quoted.  And we were honored to have this iconic car in our booth this year.  Through the show, many conversations started with "I grew up watching this car..." or "Is this the same car from the 1980's..."  and we loved hearing everyone's connection to the car.  

Packing a 598" BBC and a ProCharger F-3R-121 supercharger the heart of Big Red can make up to nearly 2,000hp if needed for record runs.  For more details on the power plants in this iconic car please click HERE.  The big ProCharger is almost hiding down in that engine bay, for it is driven off the crankshaft much like its brother sitting next door in the booth....(speaking of that) 

On the other extreme side of things, is this ProMod Camaro.  A massive ProCharger F-3R-143 supercharger is connected to a massive jewel of billet from ProLine, stuffed into a beautifully detailed chassis, thanks to loads of work by the fine men at BrandoSpeed.  In other words, this 1969 is ready to take on Outlaw ProMod and Radial events across the US.  

From the parachute mounts to the bell of the supercharger inlet, car owner Shane Novak has one of the cleanest 3,500hp rides we have laid eyes on.  We were beyond stoked to be able to show it off in the booth.  For MORE details on this car please click HERE

From NHRA to No-Prep and everything in between...

We were honored to have so many amazing racers running ProCharger superchargers all over the world.  From 2 wheels to 4 wheels and even the water we have helped power Champions since nearly day one.  The PRI show is one of those rare places where we actually get to chat with these racers and share stories of the past season, and their plans to look forward to next year.   And for the racers that stopped by the booth, we want to say "Thank you" from all of us here in the office.   

Walking around the show a bit we found MORE exciting action...

It doesn't take much of a walk to find even more ProCharger superchargers around the show, from copper plated dragsters, to blow through monsters from SDPC, and everything in between.  Starting with the unveiling of James Goad's new car, packing an F-3R-143 ProCharger supercharger! 

Ready to be part of the ProCharger supercharged family?

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See you all NEXT year!