The leader in 50 State Legal Boost! (ProCharger)

In the world of street-legal boost, there is one leader...

...and that leader is ProCharger. Not only does Procharger have more 50-state legal systems than anyone, but the power gains possible from these systems are also best in class, the same as they have always been. You really can have your cake and eat it too as they say. No matter if you are a shop owner, or a DIY customer this blog is about how ProCharger can help you boost your ride and sales with some street-legal supercharger systems.

Customers enjoy 100% peace of mind while on the road 


We all love bolting on horsepower to our cars and trucks. We all also love having products that have long-standing track records in the industry and warranties. Thankfully ProCharger supercharger kits have always had your back on both of those aspects. However, one thing often overlooked was emissions legality.

Thanks to our massive (and growing) list of 50-state legal supercharger systems, this means no more worrying about smog checks, registration inspections, or looking over your shoulder on a traffic stop.  Now you can enjoy all the bolt-on horsepower you can handle and have 100% peace of mind from your ProCharger system. 

Shop owners enjoy stress-free installation and sales: 

Any shop owner knows that installing a ProCharger supercharger system is a breeze and a great profit center, however, these 50-state legal systems add an extra piece of mind with each sale. Selling and installing 50-state legal systems ensures that performance shop owners never have to worry about emissions compliance issues, even when bolting on HUGE power.

*Image from inside the shop space at National Speed


With no fabrication or special tools required and full color instructions, our engineers made it easy to bolt on big gains.  Now adding the 50-state legal systems to the mix, you as a shop owner can focus on creating an army of happy customers and building your brand, without having to worry about emissions compliance issues. For more details on becoming a ProCharger dealer please click HERE

Just how many 50-State Legal Systems do we have?


Not counting model years or supercharger options, we have over (80) different emissions legal (50-state) supercharger systems! The list is getting longer and longer, which is awesome for you when it comes to vehicle choices to be able to add boost too. Just click here for the complete list of 50 state legal product offerings.  We like to say if you own it, we probably have a supercharger system for it!

Join the army of 50-state legal supercharged rides! 

Give our sales staff a call or email us at the following contact methods below. Or you can click here to find a dealer nearby to help out with your vehicle. We will be happy to assist you with any technical questions about supercharger systems and the results you can expect.

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