It’s Hemi Time with ProCharger Superchargers!

For those Mopar lovers out there craving more horsepower, ProCharger has some killer options available. From SUVs, trucks and muscle cars, we have everything you need to turn your Mopar into a Monster. Listed below are some of our offerings including 2019 models that will be available soon.  We also have some cool Mopar racing info to share including such drivers as Rob Goss and his Challenger setting the X275 record for fastest car.  Check it out below!

Challenger – From mild to wild, 2008-2019 Challenger

Our Challenger Systems and Tuner Kits take your stock Hemi (big or small engine) and give you the additional horsepower needed to put you ahead of the pack! Hellcat-like performance on a reasonable budget is what ProCharger supercharger systems can do for you.  Shown are some of our complete systems like our Stage II System delivering an additional 215+ HP gain and comes with everything needed including tuning and fuel system upgrades. Click here to view our Challenger offerings.

Mopar Muscle magazine recently installed a ProCharger system on a modern Challenger and provided an in-depth STEP-by-STEP installation on a 6.4L HEMI, to show just how easy it is to take these already impressive cars and turn them into absolute MONSTERS.  Click here to read the article.

Power and Performance Magazine also did a feature on a 5.7L Challenger.  Check it out by clcking here!

Late model Hemi racing domination

Rob Goss shows the rest of the Mopar world just what is possible with a late model Hemi setting the record for fastest X275 car. Some very impressive stats:

  • X275 MPH record holder (1/8th mile): 169.40 MPH
  • Quickest and fastest Late Model Hemi:
  • 1/8th mile 4.237 @ 169.40
  • ¼ mile: 6.690 @ 211.46 

Recent wins:

  • No Mercy 9,  X275 class
  • NMCA All Star Nationals Atlanta, Street Outlaw class

Supercharger: F-3D-102

Charger – More is better, 2006-2019 Charger

Similar to its Challenger brother, the Charger and ProCharger make a great combination with Systems and Tuner Kits including lots of options available; giving you the freedom and flexibility on power output, finish options, and supercharger upgrades as well as intercooler upgrades.  For more Charger info, click here.

2019 Ram – Motor Trend Truck of the Year

Help make your outstanding RAM truck a little better with a ProCharger System or Tuner Kit, which includes our powerful D-1SC supercharger, delivering an additional 160+ HP gain on an engine friendly boost of 7 psi. We also offer Systems and Tuner Kits for various model years back to 1996.  Click here to learn more.

Durangos for everyone!

If you’re looking to make your SRT Durango hauler a 680 HP boulevard brawler, just add the ProCharger HO System that includes our durable and rugged P-1SC-1 supercharger.  With additional supercharger and intercooler upgrades available to push HP gains even further, you can really make this 7 passenger SUV move on down the road! Click here to learn more about the Durango.

Jeep Grand Cherokee, 2006-2019

Another awesome SUV with lots of potential with a ProCharger supercharger.  The new Jeep Grand Cherokee and ProCharger kicks out an impressive 215+ additional HP with just 7 psi of boost.  Click below to view the recent Engine Power episode or click here for more product info.  Talk about an ultimate sleeper!

Want to turn your Mopar into a Monster? 

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