Racing Accomplishments Blog Posts

It's the moment we have waited all winter for... Racing season is 100% officially upon us, with one race already in the books (US Street Nationals) and more coming this weekend. 

9 Championships, 8 R/U's, and even more WINS to close 2015!!! The season of racing has pretty much come to a close and we here at ProCharger couldn't be more proud of all our customers this year! This season followed the same path as the last, with ProCharger racers storming to the front, setting records, winning races/events, and taking home Championships.

With people gearing up for the football season, those of us into "motor" sports know this year's racing season is winding down. With many classes coming down to the wire, it's getting down to crunch time for lots of teams across the US.

Big word all over the internet was the "Super Bowl" between the NMRA and NMCA sanctioning bodies, as they collided in Joliet, IL. for an all out festival of heads up horsepower.  This event was so large, even the Internet live steam from was out of control with people watching and Internet chatter. 

We started the last drag racing blog post with lots of NHRA action in the RaceDrive blog, so lets change it up with some heads up supercharged action.  From coast to coast, customers with ProCharger superchargers have been bringing home the wins.  So lets get down to the details starting with…

ProCharger’s RaceDrive is an answer to the call from customers across a number of drag racing disciplines who had supplied their input to our racer support staff, requesting not only an integrated gear drive for their increasingly-powerful race cars, but one that could operate a number of accessory systems, be easily serviceable, and also fit in any range of engine compartments ...

6 national event wins already this season! 
Mutiple national E.T. and M.P.H. record’s!
Points leaders in 5 different national series classes!

Like Victory Motorcycles? Like them fast? ProCharger and Lloydz can fix you up. 

In these last few weekends, tracks all over the country had to dust off the sprayers, draggers, and timing equipment, because it's the best time of the year again, RACE TIME!  

So lets take a moment to dive into some notable powerhouse coyotes from across the country that are packing ProCharger superchargers.  Notice we just said "Coyote" and not a specific model year, since  obvious this is motor is starting to pop up in all sorts of platforms.