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When you buy your brand new muscle car or truck want a supercharger, you can count on the engineering team at ProCharger superchargers to deliver.  Earlier this year we released systems for 2015 Mustangs, 2015 Corvettes and 2015 GM Truck and SUV's.  With loads of customer enjoying those systems, it is time to add a few more to the "2015 model year is available" list.

That simple four-digit power number has been the Holy Grail for street driven performance cars.  Being able to claim having over 1000 horsepower is a bragging right well deserved.  GM has laid the foundation with the LT-4's strong forged motor, now ProCharger superchargers has given you the power adder to make it reality.

When GM teamed up with Corvette Racing to build the new Camaro Z/28, they had their eyes set on building something that would absolutely destroy the road course lap times.  By combining a race proven LS7 7.0L power plant with the most advanced suspension and brake system every bolted to a Camaro body, this new Camaro Z/28 might just be the ultimate "drivers" car.

Everyone in the Jeep community got excited when it was announced that the 3.6L Pentastar would have more power then the previously installed 3.8L. If that factory rating of 285 hp got people excited, then 400+ ProCharger supercharged horsepower will really bring some attention! 

At ProCharger, we’ve found that old habits are hard to break. So as soon as Auto/Truck manufacturers launch new model years into the Truck and SUV market, ProCharger turns right around and launches them on the street with brand new supercharger systems and tuner kits, to the tune of 60-70% more horsepower with otherwise stock 2015 F-150 5.0L V8’s running pump gas.

For years, ProCharger has been the power adder of choice for high horsepower C5 and C6 Z06's. The super-efficient boost curve of a ProCharger supercharger combined with a highly effective air-to-air intercooler has created 600-1600+ HP street driven Corvettes. Even though the new Corvette C7 Z06 comes fitted from the factory with a roots style supercharger, we decided to have a little fun ...

The 2012-2014 ProCharger Jeep SRT supercharger systems are now shipping all over the country like crazy! And the reports are already flooding in about how exciting it is to be able to bolt on such brutal amounts of horsepower! 

Building on 10 years of LS7 (427) supercharging experience, ProCharger is about to release the ULTIMATE supercharger system for the new Camaro Z/28!

For months we have heard truck owners BEGGING us for more i-1 supercharger systems, since we released them for the Ford Raptors. Well for the 2007-2013 1500/2500HD GM/GMC owners the wait is OVER! When asking the question, "Why does a person own a truck?" the answer is simple.

Over the years the power levels of Corvette C6's with ProCharger superchargers have been pushed from 550 rwhp to a mind-blowing 1,491 rwhp! A little while back we released our new "Race" air-to-air intercooler, which has already been destroying the dyno rollers to the tune of 1,457 rwhp!