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More DCX platforms added to the ProCharger List! If you have been following our latest blogs, you will know that ProCharger superchargers has been rocking out new tuner kits* for these cars and trucks at a rapid rate as seen in a previous blog. Well for those of you asking for full systems, the time has come.

If you have a 2016 Camaro on order listen up... ProCharger superchargers has taken delivery of our R&D testing car! The ProCharger engineering department attended the measuring session in Detroit several months ago, and is already knee deep into development of our supercharger system.

We admit, we are starting to sound like a broken record...But yes once again, ProCharger superchargers is pleased to announce TWO more supercharger systems that are rolling out the doors! Last week it was the Dodge fans getting the good news, this week it's the Ford and GM owners.

Here at ProCharger superchargers the dyno rollers and coffee pots have been running day and night, as engineers and calibration tech's have brought two new DCX supercharger kits to life. (After releasing the 2015 Challenger 392 (6.4L) system recently)

The ProCharger C7 Z06 system that took the Corvette community (and internet) by storm, is NOW SHIPPING! When the word broke on the internet that ProCharger created a blower swap for the new Corvette C7 Z06, it started a frenzy that couldn't be stopped. We geared up production and the first rounds of systems are hitting the streets.

Without a doubt ... ProCharger not only leads the way in centrifugal supercharger technology, but also in Ford V6 supercharger packages. Starting long ago with the 1994 Mustang and its 3.8L V6, ProCharger has helped create supercharged V6's to put the fear in many V8 owners eyes.

ProCharger does it again, and is the first centrifugal supercharger system ready to be bolted onto your brand new 2015 F-150 ready to deliver up to 70% more power and beyond! That's right, Ford has an all new truck, and we have 2 brand new systems to fit your needs.

One of the most antcipated and talked about automotive line ups this year was the new 2015-16 HEMI platforms. With ProCharger superchargers being the undisputed forced induction leader for the HEMI platform, our engineers couldn't wait to get these systems ready for our customers. Well the day has come, so if you're ready to feel the rush that an extra 200HP can deliver, keep on reading.

When Jeep first introduced the 4,800lb SUV known as the "SRT8" to the masses, we doubt the first thing people thought was, "Lets make this a 1000hp, 9-second Supercharged Truck". Over the years though, these heavy weight Grand Cherokees have become a force to be reckoned with on both the street, and at the track.  

For over a decade now, (and millions of supercharged miles later), ProCharger is STILL the undisputed HP leader when it comes to C6 Corvettes, ranging from 600hp to over 1,600HP!