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ProCharger is well underway in the R&D of the new Polaris Slingshot supercharger system. Soon you will be able to start your 3 wheel adventure with BOOST!

ProCharger supercharged C7's have already pushed the power numbers to 700, 800, 900, 1400+ HP and beyond, but we aren't done yet! Click here to learn more.

ProCharger has always brought out the best supercharger systems for trucks with reliable big power numbers on pump gas! And we have no added even more kits to the line up!

The ProCharger i-1 has literally redefined the book on supercharging, by creating an all new category of supercharger. The category is best described as a "Variable Ratio Centrifugal Compressor", and now it's ready for Corvette C7 owners!

It seems we can't stop writing blogs about additions to the DCX line up, and today is no different. No matter if you are bolting on 200HP worth of power in your garage, or building an all-out race car, we have you covered.

Without a doubt ProCharger has become the proven leader in LT-1 forced induction, and it's our pleasure to announce that the new 2016 Camaro SS can now be added to the list of ProCharger blown LT-1's.  

ProCharger is proud to offer the first and only CNC billet intake manifold for LT-1 and LT-4 equipped cars. This manifold was initially only available with full system orders for LT-4 ProCharger systems, however is now available as a stand alone parts order for both LT-4 and LT-1.

If you have an S-550 Mustang (2015-2016) and want boost... We have your solution... ProCharger superchargers flat out delivers more supercharger options for these S550 Mustangs than another other company on the planet.

2016 Camaro SS LT-1 ProCharger Coming Soon: For months now ProCharger has been working behind the scenes getting the new 2016 Camaro SS LT-1 supercharger system ready for launch. Starting at the GM measuring session earlier in 2015, we were glad to find that GM gave plenty of room for our customers to enjoy bolting on a ProCharger Intercooled supercharger.

ProCharger knows truck owners love three things... 1) Their truck 2) Power 3) Reliability. The OEM's got you covered on that first one, and we can cure your need for the second and third.