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ProCharger now has 100% complete HO Intercooled Supercharger Systems available for 2006 to 2009 model year LS7 ZO6 Corvettes. This new system is capable of producing 700+ horsepower on stock engines running high quality pump gas.

2009 ZO6 Corvette 

As the new “pony car war” heats up, the Dodge HEMI Challengers have been eagerly accepted by the performance aftermarket. Taking advantage of our extensive HEMI supercharging expertise, ProCharger now has 100% complete HO and Stage II Intercooled Supercharger Systems for the still-hot 2009 Dodge Challengers: both the 5.7L R/T and 6.1L SRT-8 models equipped with automatic transmissions.

5.7L Challenger Supercharger

Continuing on the industry-leading Hemi development and product line that ProCharger has become known for, we soon will be finished with a self-contained and intercooled supercharger system for the 2009 Challenger R/T with the 5.7L Hemi engine.