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It doesn't matter what year your hull is, ProCharger has the industry's best marine supercharger systems for modern EFI-powered machines and even older carburated models.

We find the most miserable conditions we can find (100+ degrees + Humidity) and punish the road course. Since only then, after tens of thousands of miles, hours, and hours of wide-open throttle, can we officially say it's production-ready.

Bolting on big horsepower has never been easier! That's right, the wait is over for the all-new Milwaukee Eight supercharger system from ProCharger. No matter if you are driving daily to work, bike night, or across the country, this system delivers big power and big reliability.

Yes, even a showroom stock Camaro SS with the new LT-1 engine can enjoy an extra 150-170hp with our HO or Stage II ProCharger supercharger system. Though for those looking to push the power limits beyond 1000 HP don't worry, we also have amazing kit options to get you to your goals with ease.

ProCharger engineers gave you nearly 800 crank hp from the Mustang GT's, Bullitts, and even 875 hp from the Shelby GT350 supercharger systems. So naturally, it wasn't going to be long before ProCharger would have a bolt-on supercharger system ready to put a smile on Mach 1 owners faces.

We know that almost anyone watching this has installed countless belts in their lifetime. However, we wanted to give some tips and tricks to getting the most out of your belt-driven ProCharger supercharger system.

ProCharger engineers put together a full parts list to create a 100% bolt-on supercharger system for  "First Gen" F-150 Lightnings and standard 1988-1996 F-150's so that everyone can easily install some big-time power gains without any fabrication or hassle.

In racing you want power, reliability, and consistency: Thankfully, ProCharger helps racers check off all three of those boxes with ease (and then some).

Our company was founded on making the best centrifugal supercharger around for Mustangs. Though quickly we grew into other applications both for street, racing, marine, and even industrial. However, what we never lost was our passion for Ford's sports car we all know and love.

What if we told you that you can keep the fuel mileage of the V6 while making more power than a stock Camaro SS? That’s having your cake and eating it too, thanks to ProCharger! Make 500 crank HP with your V6 Camaro!