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If you happened to own an ex-nascar/stock car and are looking to do something different with it, we have your answer. G-Force Motorsports out of Pearland, Texas, took a retired stock car and decided to go racing at The Texas Mile track event last October. What they were able to accomplish is simply amazing.

ProCharger Superchargers are continuing to substantially increase power levels in the Powersports market, with many advantages over other types of forced induction and power adders.


Hey, does that thing have a ProCharger? The only thing better than being able to say that you have a HEMI®, is being able to say you have a ProCharged HEMI! Your HEMI Ram is about to grow some big horns. We are pleased to introduce the newly engineered self-contained, intercooled power adder for the 2009-2010 HEMI® Ram truck.