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Take a look inside the legend, the heart of the Ultimate Power Adder.  Utilizing the latest technology ProCharger takes you inside the industry’s leading supercharger.  Sit back, strap in, experience the ProCharger advantage and see how not all superchargers are the same.

The 2012 racing season started off with a lot of excitement at the Outlaw Drag Radial Race, Redemption III in Valdosta, GA Feb 23-26th. With the highly anticipated release of ProCharger’s new F-1X supercharger and with Outlaw Drag Radial superstar Steve Jackson putting his first hits on his new ProCharger F-3R-136 supercharger, records were certain to fall.

If you happened to own an ex-nascar/stock car and are looking to do something different with it, we have your answer. G-Force Motorsports out of Pearland, Texas, took a retired stock car and decided to go racing at The Texas Mile track event last October. What they were able to accomplish is simply amazing.