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Often you hear the phrase “on the street and the track” in regards to a product or brands domination. So much in fact, that maybe we forget the power of that statement. Here at ProCharger however, when we say that the ProCharged HEMI's are dominating the street and the track–we mean it.

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A 5.0 4V with i-1 and headers and exhaust, otherwise stock and running only 7.5 psi with pump gas, just ran a 10.87 at 131.5 mph (at 3,850 lbs with driver, manual trans) at Heartland Park. This shows that you can literally bolt on 10’s with a standard i-1 kit (with full supercharger warranty) and headers, running pump gas.

ProCharger is known for producing the largest, most repeatable power gains, and that's been catching the attention of several television networks and shows this year. This summer kicked off with an all-new TV series that features some of the fastest street cars in the country.

MSN Autos recently named the 1967 Shelby G.T.500 the "ultimate muscle car." The Classic Recreations Shelby G.T.500CR-900S model starts with a legend, and injects it with modern supercar technology.  This "Eleanor" features a 427 cubic inch, 900 horsepower F-1R ProCharged engine, adva

Take a look inside the legend, the heart of the Ultimate Power Adder.  Utilizing the latest technology ProCharger takes you inside the industry’s leading supercharger.  Sit back, strap in, experience the ProCharger advantage and see how not all superchargers are the same.