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Finally the long wait is over, our favorite time of year is about to begin. Garages and shops across the country are in crunch time mode, as winter projects/updates are being completed, tow rigs and trailers are getting prepped and stocked, dyno rollers are turning, test hits at the track are being made, and EVERYONE is getting ready to do battle…Because its RACE SEASON again!

What an awesome year it was out in Las Vegas, at the annual SEMA show! And just like you would expect there was an outstanding ProCharged presence this year both inside and outside the venue. The level of builds and quality brought out this year, was truly at the top of its class.

You asked and ProCharger listened—In addition to extending the Cash Back and Rewards Program, we’re expanding the offer to include systems and tuner kits for the 2013 HEMIs AND the World’s first programmable supercharger, the ProCharger i-1 for 2014-11 Mustang GT's, Boss 302, 2013-10 Camaros, LS3 & Z06 (LS7) Corvettes, and 6.2L Raptors.


When the 2013 SEMA Show opens on November 5th the ProCharger booth will be lit up in true Las Vegas fashion! (What can we say, we love those neon signs)

Looking for more intercooled power? Looking to save some cash, too? Act by October 31st and you can save up to $500 on the purchase, from a ProCharger dealer, of a qualifying auto or truck/SUV ProCharger Intercooled Supercharger System, Tuner Kit or Cog Race Kit.

It Pays to Choose ProCharger

Looking for more intercooled power? Looking to save some cash, too? Do we have a deal for you!

It Pays to Choose ProCharger