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Decades ago racers in NHRA classes began making the moves to ProChargers in their racing programs, and now you will find ProCharger powered machines commonly filling the top qualifying spots of many Pro-level classes.

All The Most Recent Wins and Championships From ProCharger Racers

A Summary of ProCharger-Equipped Winners From June 2020 On.

Celebrating the ProCharger-Powered Winners So Far in 2020! Trophies, Cash and Glory!

His & hers ProCharger-powered hot rods. His: 1969 Ford F100 with 1,068 RWHP. Hers: 1963 Chevy II with 670 RWHP.

It pays to race with ProCharger...literally. And the 2020 season is jam packed with contingency money up for grabs...over $100,000 to be exact.

Thanks to loads of ProCharger boost, some amazing drivers, and their amazing supercharged machines! 

The ProCharger booth was jammed packed! The best part is that we aren't just talking about the showcase of engines, or the record setting ProMod on display....we are also talking about of YOU!

Last year we supercharged the booth with 16,300+ hp... And we plan on blowing that away this year by loading the booth full of billet...and we aren't just talking about our superchargers.

Well, this 2019 SEMA show pretty much was an epic event for the ProCharger booth and all the amazing ProCharger powered machines around the show. Click to see all the amazing details!