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A Summary of ProCharger-Equipped Winners From June 2020 On.

After 25 years in the industry, ProCharger is yet again having another record setting year bringing the world the best superchargers around.  And that means, we are looking to add to our amazing team! 

ProCharger Gets More Coverage From Television Shows!

All About Rock Crawlers, Bouncers, and Other Insane Off-Roaders With ProChargers

ProCharger Has More 50-State Legal Supercharger Systems Than Anyone, and Keeps Racking Up More!

ProChargers and Chrysler Hemispherical Engines Have Always Worked Well Together. 

ProCharger is Soon To Release Supercharger Systems for M8-Powered Harley-Davidson motorcycles

You Read That Right: Bump Your Biullitt Mustang To 780 HP With a ProCharger!

The first-to-market supercharger system for the new Ford Super Duty 7.3-powered trucks!

For those running a ProCharger, we have a cost effective piece that will help support the crankshaft at elevated HP levels.