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No matter if these guys are doing battle on the street for the list, or making a dash for the cash at the NoPrep Kings event, BOTH of these Camaros will now be making all the supercharged noises we have grown to love!

It doesn't matter where you look these days in the world of horsepower, chances you'll find some ProCharger supercharged awesomeness. Could we possibly cover it all in this blog? NO WAY! However, here are some random highlights that caught our eyes!

These offroad toys can go about anywhere, however there is one thing all wheelers can agree on...they lack in the performance department. Now add some 40's, headwinds, and a rooftop full of survival gear. You're talking about a major need for reliable power

Thanks to the amazing engineers at ProCharger, the world's first bolt on supercharger system for the Corvette C8 platform, is just around the corner.   

The awesome guys over at did one heck of a video/blog on a ProCharger 7.3L Supercharged F-250 owned by  While putting it through all sorts of testing, TFL gave everyone some great insight on the questions everyone was asking...

The guru's over at do a little thing they like to call "Week to Wicked" where they take something we all want to do,...spend 5 days going from basically stock, to all-out ROCK!

Not long ago, it was hard work to make 400,500 or even 600hp. Nowadays those are rookie numbers, and everyone wants that magic 1000hp. Yes, we are talking crankshaft horsepower here, same as your car is rated from the factory. However, with a little more RPM and some E85 in the tank likely that could be 1000 to the ground. 

We know LS swaps are as common as bolting on a set of headers these days, thankfully with loads of options, ProCharger has a way to supercharge yours, and this blog will show you how! 

Three Mustangs Making Enormouse Power With ProChargers.

Please enjoy this quick video as we "tech in" our viewers with new products, explain why being made in America is a big deal to us, big news from the NHRA, and more product releases!