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It doesn't matter what year your hull is, ProCharger has the industry's best marine supercharger systems for modern EFI-powered machines and even older carburated models.

We find the most miserable conditions we can find (100+ degrees + Humidity) and punish the road course. Since only then, after tens of thousands of miles, hours, and hours of wide-open throttle, can we officially say it's production-ready.

We know you hear that often, but in this case it couldn't be more true. ProCharger is a company dedicated to "winning" both on the track and in our day-to-day operations. We have several high impact positions to fill at our Kansas City headquarters campus and our new San Francisco office.

Yes, even a showroom stock Camaro SS with the new LT-1 engine can enjoy an extra 150-170hp with our HO or Stage II ProCharger supercharger system. Though for those looking to push the power limits beyond 1000 HP don't worry, we also have amazing kit options to get you to your goals with ease.

Decades ago racers in NHRA classes began making the moves to ProChargers in their racing programs, and now you will find ProCharger powered machines commonly filling the top qualifying spots of many Pro-level classes.

Ever since Derek the owner of "Vice Grip Garage" drug this car out of its grave where it was rotting away, we got excited. Just watching it driving 600 miles home after sitting for 30+ years, we officially were hooked on watching this video series.

When ProCharger customers push the limits both in performance and design, show stoppers are created. Such is the case for the car we are going to feature today, fresh off its win at Street Machine Nationals!

Our company was founded on making the best centrifugal supercharger around for Mustangs. Though quickly we grew into other applications both for street, racing, marine, and even industrial. However, what we never lost was our passion for Ford's sports car we all know and love.

No matter if these guys are doing battle on the street for the list, or making a dash for the cash at the NoPrep Kings event, BOTH of these Camaros will now be making all the supercharged noises we have grown to love!

It doesn't matter where you look these days in the world of horsepower, chances you'll find some ProCharger supercharged awesomeness. Could we possibly cover it all in this blog? NO WAY! However, here are some random highlights that caught our eyes!