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Industry-leading 40-45%+ power gains for Toyota owners!

ProCharger technology delivers industry-leading 40-45%+ power gains for Toyota owners, as well the quickest and easiest installation. With highly effective air-to-air intercooling and the efficient D-1SC ProCharger, together with optimal mounting locations for both supercharger and intercooler to avoid heat soak, ProCharger Systems and Kits are designed to give you that much needed boost in performance. The High Output (HO) Intercooled System is designed with durability in mind and provides 8 psi of engine friendly boost, for years of trouble-free use. The dedicated belt drive provides maximum power transfer from the engine to the supercharger, giving you increased efficiency and durability.

  High Output Intercooled System with D-1SC  7-8 psi  40-45%+ HP  3 core
  High Output Intercooled Tuner Kit with D-1SC  specify  specify  3 core

Tuner Kit: This kit makes sense for someone wanting to perform custom tuning of the vehicle and push the envelope in performance.  Will most likely be experimenting with alternative fuels and changing engine components like heads, headers, exhaust, and cams for the engine.


Toyota’s original SUV remains strong, with owners rabid for customization techniques, and that includes bolting on a ProCharger supercharger.  


Pretty sweet driving it for the first time. Before this thing would downshift to third to get going, now just one downshift and she’s moving. Loving it. Really likes 4th gear pulls. Even better in town. Barely have to push the throttle! Pulling the trailer compared to before – she’s no Powerstroke but 100% better. Now it will pull the trailer in overdrive. Out wheeling my first weekend it was great. Just out crawling it runs smooth like before, but a few times when I had to hammer down to get up some hills – it was no problem. The best part though is I can get sideways and have fun in the dirt now. I could never do that before” - Matt H 

HO Intercooled System

  • Produces the coolest charge air temps and largest power gains
  • Provides boost/power on demand, which is great for on-road and off-road performance
  • Easiest installation, only requiring common hand tools
  • Utilizes factory airbox and filter - Making fitment to a snorkel a breeze
  • The air-to-air Intercooling provides consistent, reliable power, even in extreme conditions
  • Optional intercooler available for winch and aftermarket bumper installations
  • Optimized supercharger and intercooler location minimizes heat transfer
  • Retains the factory intake manifold

HO Intercooled Tuner Kits

  • Omits tuning and fuel system components
  • Otherwise identical to HO Intercooled System

Optional Upgrades Include

  • Polished, or black supercharger and bracket finish
  • Helical gearset for noise reduction
  • Intercooler option for aftermarket bumper and/or winch setup
  • ProCharger engine cover
  • Black intercooler finish (raw finish standard)


Complete systems starting at $6,499
Tuner kits starting at $5,599 (No tuning or fuel components provided)
PLEASE NOTE: A 5% surcharge will be added to all orders effective October 15, 2021. This is in addition to the pricing above. More details about surcharge HERE​
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NOTE: California approved products for street legal use (complete systems) will have an associated CARB EO# for compliance.  Click here for a full list of California and 50 state street legal systems.

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