2002-1997 Expedition (5.4/4.6 2V) Overview

60-65% Power Gain on Stock Engines Running High Quality Pump Gas

This large increase in power for your Expedition doesn’t need to come at the expense of fuel efficiency or drivability. Centrifugal forced induction is the most efficient and mpg-friendly form of high performance, with owners frequently reporting similar or increased fuel economy under normal operating conditions. Additionally, with ProCharger’s thermal advantages and smooth performance curve, your SUV’s daily drivability will remain just as before, until you choose to step into it and tap into your new found power.

ProCharger delivers the best bolt-on power gains in the industry for 2997-2008 Ford Expedition SUV’s. ProCharger HO Intercooled Systems provide a ground pounding 60-65% power gain with 8-9 psi of intercooled boost on stock engines running high quality pump gas. HO Intercooled Systems come with everything needed including provisions for tuning and fuel system components. They also feature a highly efficient air-to-air intercooler and self-contained P-1SC-1 supercharger. Tuner Kits for higher boost levels are available.

2002-1997 Expedition (5.4, 4.6 2V) Supercharger Kit Info:

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